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Lanham Associates – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI incorporates logical mapping and cross reference processes inside Dynamics NAV. Seamless EDI transaction mapping provides a single mapping process between the EDI documents and the company’s database, a consistent user interface, and access to data from anywhere in the system. EDI also provides NAV native drill down from business or EDI documents to the related transaction detail. EDI also gives customers the option of managing their EDI services or having them managed by a partner.


  • Provides unprecedented access to data, documents, and transactions.
  • Supports the X12, Automotive, and EDIFACT standards and multiple file formats.
  • Holds EDI documents in their normal NAV location and an EDI electronic file cabinet for easy access.
  • Condenses incoming data cross referencing to business system data and mapping into one simple step.
  • Offers standard cross-references, including Items, Units of Measure, Sell-To, Ship-To, Ship-For, and Distribution Centers.
  • Offers general cross references, including Shipping Agent, Payment Terms, Shipping Payment Type, Shipment Method Code, and Tax Area Codes.
  • Provides native and simple creation of ASNs through an embedded application with E-Ship.
  • Supports label creation of UCC 128, AIAG, and custom labels.
  • Handles third-party logistics (3PL) EDI documents.
  • Provides alert notices to check EDI files, reducing chargebacks.
  • Supports receipt of 3PL ASNs.
  • Offers a full service Value Added Network at competitive rates.
  • Helps compliance with changing requirements of customers and vendors.
  • Standard X12 EDI allows for movement to any VAN at any time.

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