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Cysiv Chooses ArcherPoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Over NetSuite

Cysiv security operations center-as-a-service (SOCaaS) helps enterprises reduce the risk of a damaging cyber-attack or data breach by providing advanced, 24/7 threat detection and response. Using their next generation security platform, their team of experts operate as a seamless, remote extension to their clients’ IT/security team to accelerate and improve the process of detecting, investigating, hunting for and responding to threats. And with the growth in ransomware and other attacks, a rapidly expanding attack surface, and new vulnerabilities and threat vectors appearing daily, the challenge has never been greater or more important.

The Challenge

Cysiv had standardized on Microsoft 365, and a lot of previous experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV but wanted a more modern approach. The Cysiv team began a search for an ERP that met their particular needs. They had some very specific requirements that they knew might demand customization, so they focused on finding solutions that could meet 80 percent of their requirements. They wanted a partner that could then help them customize the rest or advise them on how to adjust their business processes to meet 100 percent of their requirements.

“In my opinion, ‘customization’ is a four-letter word, so we were looking for a strong ERP that could give us that 80 percent out of the box,” said Barry Hedrick, Director of Finance & Operations. “We were very fortunate in that we were early enough in the business model we could adapt the other 20 percent of our business processes to just about any system and we were looking for a finance and accounting platform only...”

Cysiv’s requirements for the new ERP solution included:

  • Strong finance and accounting functionality out of the box
  • Cloud based
  • Easy to use
  • Scalable
  • Single-instance global capabilities
  • Ability to be designed, implemented, and launched quickly

The Solution

The choices came down to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS and Oracle NetSuite. While the systems were comparable, the Cysiv team trusted ArcherPoint and the Microsoft brand. Going to the cloud with a SaaS solution made perfect sense for this high-tech security company.

Working with ArcherPoint’s analysts and consultants, Cysiv’s implementation of Business Central was completed with zero customizations. The ArcherPoint and Cysiv teams worked together to design, implement, and launch Business Central in the company’s three entities across the U.S. and Canada in just two months.

The Results

The Cysiv team has been thrilled with Business Central so far. “What amazed me about it is how easy it was to work with,” said Hedrick. “For example, from an operational perspective, one of the things I thought I needed to do right off the bat was to customize the invoice to be able to have lines from a customer’s two divisions listed separately on the same invoice. And in one hour, I had a customized invoice because it wasn’t about the layout; it was about the way data is brought into Business Central.”

Cysiv also benefits from the copy and testing functionality in Business Central. Copying and testing a database to work on and verify the design can be done in seconds and works exactly as expected when it goes live. Having the ability to spin up an environment, test a change, and then go live in such a short amount of time was, as Hedrick put it, “huge…and a very pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting that at all.”

Day-to-day operations are benefitting, too. Getting monthly numbers quickly is vital for Cysiv for making decisions and reacting to market conditions. With a system that it so easy to work with, even dealing with complex processes like consolidations doesn’t get in the way of fast, accurate reporting.

With the implementation of Business Central a success and accounting and finance running smoothly, Hedrick and the team can look to what’s next. Cysiv plans to continue its partnership with ArcherPoint on a phase two project that includes segregation of duties and integrating Business Central with a newly implemented HR system. Cysiv’s expansion includes international growth, with launches in India, the U.K., and Egypt being the most immediate priorities. Moving to a global system that easily consolidates these companies and rolls them up under the parent company is something Hedrick is confident they will be able to handle moving forward using Business Central and partnering with ArcherPoint.

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