Streamlined Data Consolidation & Asset Management

Numerous businesses prefer to rent heavy equipment rather than be responsible for purchasing and maintaining them. The equipment rental industry is consequently booming. The increased demand pressures rental companies to find the balance necessary to achieve sustainable rental profits while dealing with more complex reservation/returns processes, billing systems, contracts, and pricing models.

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On the back end, you need to keep up with utilization and maintenance to ensure your assets are always in great shape. You need efficient management, effective procurement and maintenance processes, inventory management, and visibility to set optimal rental rates and fleet mix — all while providing a superior customer experience. Dynamics 365 for Rental Management is your go-to solution to do it all. You can effectively manage your processes, streamline rental operations, and ensure your customers keep choosing your business.

Expertise in Equipment Rental—Flexible Solutions to Meet Volatile Demands

With decades of experience in enterprise resource planning (ERP), eCommerce, and rental solutions, ArcherPoint, Inc. has a comprehensive understanding of your biggest friction points and expansion opportunities. We help streamline and optimize from procurement of equipment to customer service to maximize your efforts and minimize your operation costs.

We provide end-to-end, ERP-focused equipment rental solutions completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, to give you a comprehensive, consolidated system designed with your needs in mind. Manage every aspect of your business for improved asset management, inventory accuracy, streamlined billing and invoicing capabilities, and more.

Comprehensive Solutions for Large Equipment Rental Businesses

Rental organizations rapidly adopt innovative information technology solutions to gain an advantage in a highly competitive landscape. These solutions help organizations streamline and control processes while delivering simpler, better, faster customer service. The right solution will help your rental business exceed objectives and meet the volatile demands. 

Dynamics Rental Management delivers a solid solution that gives you insights into current operational information in 100% real time, ensuring optimal performance

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Fortified Financials

Robust, built-in accounting features help you more effectively manage accounts receivables, accounts payables, and general ledger—all with customizable interfaces. You get functionality for multiple costing methods, inventory management, accrued and deferred rental revenue calculations and postings, and managing fixed assets.

Business Intelligence

With built-in business intelligence (BI) capabilities, you can make informed strategic business decisions and customized reports based on accurate data. Leverage the BI data to identify patterns, trends, and key performance indicators (KPIs) like customer preferences, revenue forecasts, and equipment utilization rates. Give your leaders support in decision-making through BI dashboards, reports, and visualizations, helping them establish data-driven pricing, inventory management, and marketing campaign strategies. Track real-time performance to quickly adapt to volatile market conditions, optimizing operational efficiencies and profitability. 

Fleet Asset Management 

Get the most out of your assets and reduce lost revenue with fleet asset management features that include utilization and margin tracking. Get an instant snapshot of utilization percentage, income and costs, margin, and ROI for each rental unit or equipment subcategory. 

Track different types of maintenance required for each rental unit. Set up your planned maintenance schedule by time or meter use and track any meter use on your equipment.

Features for parts management enable you to manage replenishment levels, whether purchasing from a vendor or stocking your service vans from your warehouse. Fleet asset management capabilities help you track inventory in multiple locations, transfer between them, and connect with your suppliers using optional electronic data interchange (EDI) functionality.

Rental & Sales Operations 

Make rental and sales operations easier with flexible billing codes that allow for any type of billing options, including daily, weekly, monthly, 28-day month, in advance, in arrears, excess meter usage, utilization-based billing, non-rental days, and any customizable billing segments your company needs. 

Invoicing is also highly customizable, with options for pre-authorization or pro-forma invoicing, recurring rental invoicing, contract invoicing, equipment and parts sales invoicing, and batch invoicing.

Service Work Orders 

Save time and effort by creating service work orders for off-rent inspections, cleanings, and repairs, as well as technician dispatching and scheduling. Seamlessly track maintenance activities’ progress, ensuring timely completion and efficient equipment upkeep. View details on work done, parts used, and additional notes for billing purposes or future reference at a glance at a dashboard. 

Partnering with ArcherPoint, Inc.

ArcherPoint, Inc. has decades of experience helping rental organizations transform their business operations. We offer:

  • 24/7 assistance: Our team is available for 24/7 emergency support — we are there when clients need it most. 
  • Simplified solutions: ArcherPoint, Inc. makes software upgrades and implementation seamless. We take care of the technical and strategic software aspects while you focus on what matters most to your rental company. 
  • Streamlined operation: We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), meaning you can appoint us as your CSP without changing existing subscriptions. We can also help you easily upgrade your Microsoft SaaS (software as a service) licensing and solutions. 
  • Exceptional experience: Our team comprises licensed, certified professionals specializing in rental management, software solutions, and business strategy. When you partner with us, you can tackle industry challenges from a multitiered approach, maximizing results. 

Streamline Your ERP Equipment Rentals

Dynamics 365 for Rental Management enhances your efficiency by combining your business information into a centralized database. The solution helps you make informed decisions on real-time cost and revenue statistics of rental equipment and streamline your sales/rental process using a unified process flow. 

Expand your capabilities, simplify your processes, and leverage data to amplify your rental opportunities by partnering with ArcherPoint, Inc. Contact us online to get an end-to-end solution that works for your rental business.