Data Driven, Connected Store Management

Brick-and-mortar retail is more complex, challenging, and competitive than ever. Retailers are constantly battling for foot traffic and customers’ attention, as well as the ease and convenience of online shopping.

But many retailers are still relying on yesterday’s tools to compete in today’s dynamic business landscape. On-premises systems and disparate databases create significant data blind spots that make it challenging – if not impossible — to observe in-store customer behaviors, track inventory, and deliver seamless POS experiences across their stores. The result is usually missed sales opportunities, misalignment between stores and offices, and greater friction throughout the customer journey.

Digital Solutions for In-person Retail Experiences

ArcherPoint helps retailers bridge the digital-physical divide by delivering unified commerce solutions that consolidate all your business information into a single, convenient platform. to create a seamless in-store retail management solution.

Using market leading retail management software solutions  like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, LS Retail, and Microsoft Power BI, ArcherPoint enables retailers to get accurate visibility into their customers’ in-store behaviors and take data-driven action to enhance the customer experience and improve operations from the back office to corporate headquarters.

Combining in-store observational data with richly detailed transactional data across both digital and physical channels enable stores to meet their customers where they are, with the products they need. No more missed opportunities, no more inventory surprises, and no more fumbled transactions.

“LS Retail offered the best store management functions and offered easier integration.”

Canali USA

Omnichannel Store Features and Capabilities

ArcherPoint’s store performance management solutions empower retailers with deeper insights and measurable performance indicators to streamline operations, improve per-store performance, and deliver an elevated shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Enhanced returns experience 

Simplify and enhance the purchase return experience while maintaining end-to-end visibility into inventory flow from the store and corporate offices. Track and report on online purchases coming to the store as returns, leveraging your point-of-sale system to recognize and process the return while automatically updating inventory and stock levels for real-time insights and control.

Mobile inventory management

Keep your inventory and stock levels up to date all the time, from anywhere with mobile inventory management. From the office and floor to out in the field, staff in every store and region can quickly and easily track, order, or change stock information as well as update order picking and receiving for real-time inventory updates that keep the products your customers want on the shelves and available.

Merchandising effectiveness

Monitor and analyze sales volumes and velocity based on in-store item placement. Compare sales volumes when items are placed in one area of the store versus other locations to maximize placement effectiveness and sell through.

Marketing campaign optimization

Maximize sell-through and accelerate cash conversion cycles with targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that move merchandise. Use integrated campaign management tools that take your stock and inventory information and guide you through creating multiple campaigns, each customized with special offers and promotions designed to reach customers with offers on the products they want and sell the stock you need to move.