Corporate Performance Management Gets Prescriptive

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) sounds like something only big business can afford. But times — and the business environment — have changed. Tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) make corporate performance management, business intelligence, and analytics accessible, even an essential practice for decision making at organizations of all sizes.

For most companies, performance management relies on traditional analytics involving reports that look back at trends or a simple current business performance data snapshot. However, in today’s competitive environment, organizations must be able to simultaneously manage key performance indicators — financials and operating costs — as well as include detailed forward-looking forecasts, human resources planning, and other critical metrics that help teams take a more strategic, proactive, and prescriptive approach to business optimization. 

Proven, and Continually Improved, Corporate Performance Management

ArcherPoint’s Corporate Performance Management services were developed by seasoned industry experts in Business Intelligence and CPM processes and analytics. Through a prescriptive, analytics-focused program based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power BI, our Corporate Performance Management services and toolbox can help resolve even the most complex challenges for the most sophisticated businesses.

ArcherPoint customers routinely improve operating performance and general business management, including pinpointing that valuable, high-potential 20 percent customers for growth. Yes, we’re strong believers in the Pareto principle, the 80/20 rule–80 percent of your sales comes from 20 percent of your clients. Know them better, keep them longer, and they will advance opportunities for and with you!

ArcherPoint CPM Key Features

Whether building a baseline of CPM awareness or already along an implementation path, ArcherPoint’s prescriptive analytics expertise and managed approach will accelerate efforts and results. Working together, we set a plan with clear goals and clear steps to get there. We enable your “what if;” confidently deliver on your “can we;” so CPM becomes an essential strategic business practice.

Plug-and-play dashboards

Access richly detailed reports at a glance with customizable plug-and-play dashboards for every team. Dashboards built with Microsoft Power BI give greater visibility and insight into core business areas including Sales, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Warehouse, among other functions.

Consulting for implementing and expanding prescriptive analytics

Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. That’s why ArcherPoint CPM services are aimed specifically at taking you to optimum corporate performance in well-defined, logical steps that are based on tangible data. This is not just another endless “consulting service,” it has a clear goal, with clear steps to get there. We understand that every business is unique and that subjectivity plays a role in most business decisions, so our process allows for the flexibility you need to properly fit your industry, business, and customers.

Optimized for 80/20

The Pareto Principle is a proven model for success, prioritizing the top 20 percent of your customer base that accounts for 80 percent of your revenue. This 80/20 rule applies to any business that wants to be more successful, and ArcherPoint CPM consulting and implementation services are built especially for organizations seeking to integrate and build an 80/20 approach into their business model that will help extract maximum, sustainable value from customer relationships while also reducing the amount of wasted time, effort, and resources on lower-value initiatives.