Agility and Insight Where It’s Needed Most

A comprehensive ERP System for Collaborative Business Processes 

Todays’ global digital economy is challenging businesses in ways they’d never imagined. Companies of all shapes and sizes now have to contend with remote workforces, an ever-expanding IT footprint, and a business imperative to work faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively.

Legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that once provided a central gathering point for an organization’s core operations are no longer sufficient for today’s digitally enabled business.

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Inflexible platforms that force businesses to rely on a single provider, expensive and time-consuming maintenance, and weak integration among various third-party systems resulting in huge visibility gaps, poor data accuracy, and an overly complex user experience have rendered yesterday’s ERPs expendable for today’s competitive landscape.

“We can do all the things we want because we not only have the best people, but we have a best-in-class ERP system.”


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: A Modern ERP for the Modern Workplace

While many business and technology leaders are concerned with the high cost of ERP implementation and management, limited functionality, and the heavy investment in technical expertise needed to effectively deploy a modern ERP, other leaders have found a better option.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one business management solution that brings every function of an organization — from finance and accounting to supply chain, project management, and sales and marketing — into a single, unified environment for a comprehensive, 360-degree perspective of the organization’s daily business. With well-known and tightly integrated tools like Word, Excel, and Teams coupled with robust automation and intelligent workflows, Business Central enables teams across the organization to collaborate more closely and work more efficiently to achieve even the most aggressive business objectives.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Dynamics 365 Business Central has hundreds of features suitable for any team, department, or user in the organization, including:

Financial management

Gain complete, on-demand visibility into the company’s financial health and track KPIs across the company with configurable reporting for deeper insights, simplified compliance, and automated processes and workflows that generate highly accurate and projectable forecasts to improve long-term decision making.

Service management

Consolidate your entire service management operation into a single system for greater control, precision, and cost management. Easily manage service contracts, warranty claims, and third-party service line items while automatically tracking labor, parts, and operational costs to run your business as a well-oiled machine.

Project management

Eliminate profit-killing waste with robust project management tools, project scheduling, managed billing, and extensive KPI benchmarking to ensure all projects are delivered on time, under budget, while meeting quality expectations.

Supply chain management

Empower your supply chain managers and partners with integrated features like streamlined purchasing, sales-ordering processing, production scheduling, order fulfillment, demand planning & forecasting, and optimized inventory, companies can develop the most agile supply chain imaginable.

Operations management

Operations managers have an array of features to aid them in improving business processes. Business Central offers one central dashboard for managers to view every aspect of all processes. This includes automation workflows, security, compliance programs, and more.

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