Business Analysis for Process & Opportunity Improvement

Business demands can change seemingly overnight. Whether a planned initiative or unforeseen event, most company leaders know how important it is to pay close attention to the technologies and processes that drive their business.

But frequently they find they’re short on time – and staff – to appropriately and consistently make the deep dives into their business required for maximizing their returns on investment (ROI), productivity, and identifying opportunities for marked improvement.

“We strive to communicate early and often with our clients and empower them to take ownership of their systems so they don’t feel like they are held hostage to an outside service provider.”

Greg KauppCEO ArcherPoint

Instead, engaging third-party business consulting services — the ones with experts who have extensive industry experience, astute analytical skills and process improvement chops — can bring much-needed objectivity, authority, and manpower to the endeavor that helps the company make extraordinary, valuable improvements to existing deployments and processes while identifying previously hidden opportunities to drive greater value from their IT investments.

Analysis Across the Business, Improvements for the Enterprise

ArcherPoint takes a methodical, holistic approach to business analysis and enhancement. No two organizations are the same — each has its unique business objectives, culture and talent, and competitive challenges. Some may need a new ERP implementation, while others simply want to enhance and expand their existing deployments. ArcherPoint’s team of seasoned industry professionals goes to great lengths to learn and understand each customer’s story, thoroughly analyze the “as-is” and “to be” business, and deliver a customized process and technology improvement plan highlighting key business processes, specific projects and implementation, or beneficial changes that should be made across the ecosystem.

ArcherPoint Business Analysis Key Features

In discovery and thorough business analysis exercises, ArcherPoint goes deep and wide to elicit, analyze, and validate information about your business. Unlike cookie-cutter methodologies, ArcherPoint starts with the most important questions about your team’s specific problems you want to solve, business objectives, and the highest priority improvements you want to make.

Business and dependency mapping

ArcherPoint consultants learn and understand your business from the inside out. No detail is too small or unimportant and each is essential for designing the appropriate solution and accurately estimating price, scope, and timeline. We meticulously map your business teams and workflows and the applications or technologies they use in their everyday jobs to gain a holistic perspective of your organization and pinpoint critical systems or vulnerabilities.

Requirements gathering

Every successful implementation or deployment is based on due diligence and extensive footwork. ArcherPoint’s requirements gathering phase is an essential part of our methodology, helping to contextualize the tools and technologies business users need to be successful, what systems the business itself requires for its long-term growth, and any transitional or temporary requirements for a seamless, hassle-free upgrade/update experience.

Requirements are mapped to specific business initiatives or objectives and delivered in a comprehensive action plan that helps to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective path for meeting your goals.

Change management

Change is often the only constant. Our agile methodology is specially built to adapt and adjust on the fly to mid-project changes, as priorities or competitive pressures evolve. That support extends post-deployment too, as ArcherPoint provides internal stakeholders and business users with the guidance and support they need to successfully incorporate new processes, tools, and workflows into their everyday jobs.

Business Process Improvement

Beyond new deployments and implementations, ArcherPoint experts can also help organizations enhance processes and uses of existing technical infrastructure and resources. Our highly trained and soft skill-equipped team will dive deep into your user experiences and generate suggestions and recommendations that will help simplify complex processes, mitigate security and compliance risks, and extract maximum value from your infrastructure and people.

Enhanced compliance

Eliminate the complexities and risky nuances of operating a global or multi-regional business. ArcherPoint makes it easier for companies with international operations and headquarters to effortlessly navigate murky regulatory waters around the globe to remain compliant without sacrificing competitiveness. From government contracting requirements and financial reporting compliance to hazardous warehouse containment, documentation, and shipping requirements, our team applies best practices and the lessons we’ve learned from thousands of engagements to meet virtually any business demand.