Forecasting: Where Supply Meets Demand

Do you know what your customers want and when they want it? Understanding what customers want and what you have is at the heart of a successful supply chain management strategy. In today’s global economy, customers expect more products at lower prices, faster than ever before. That means businesses that want to compete have to accurately forecast and plan for supply needs to meet customer demand.

Over-forecast and you risk buying too much inventory, tying up valuable space and capital. Under-forecast and you’re left with empty shelves, order delays, and unhappy customers. Failure to accurately predict demand cannot only lead to lost sales and higher operational costs but also make your business vulnerable to unexpected disruptions in the supply chain.

“Enhanced speed, increased usability, and easier ability to scale are just the tip of the ‘benefit iceberg’.”


Businesses need a solution that pulls back the curtain on their supply chain data and delivers insight into future customer demand.

Your Virtual Crystal Ball

While no one can predict the future, demand forecasting gets you close. With ArcherPoint, you get supply chain forecasting solutions that boost operational efficiency and improve performance from the shop floor to your bottom line.

ArcherPoint takes the guesswork out of supply chain management by crafting purpose-built supply chain solutions for virtually any business need. Analyze sales patterns to better predict future demand, monitor your inventory so you’ll always have accurate stock levels at-a-glance, and see exactly what you need to not only meet but exceed customer expectations. 

Using Dynamics 365 Business Central, ArcherPoint helps to unify your data and streamline your operations for maximum efficiency. From ordering and supply planning to inventory management and capacity requirements planning, our demand forecasting solutions empower you to make strategic, data-driven decisions that drive current and future savings.

ArcherPoint Demand Forecasting Features

With ArcherPoint, inventory shortages and ordering surprises are a thing of the past. Plan for demand with greater accuracy and confidence.

Data visualization

Understand historical performance, demand trends, and forecast adjustments at-a-glance with dynamic visuals of your most important forecasting data all in one place so you can make better decisions faster.

Predictive forecasting

From knowing what products you have on the shelves to getting them into customers’ hands at the right time, accurate, predictive forecasting ensures you’re always one step ahead of your customers and your competitors.

Ready-to-share insights

Get out of the weeds and into your data faster with consolidated forecasts and shareable reports that make it easy to collaborate with multiple stakeholders and reach consensus quicker.