Centralized, Unified Project Management

Few operations have quite the impact on a business’s success as project management. How effectively project teams can coordinate the various vendors, partners, timelines, and budgets is the difference between a successful and profitable project or a waste of time and resources.

“I can count on ArcherPoint to see the big picture and give their opinion, even if it means advising us to spend less money or recommending someone else for a job if they think they’re better qualified. That is just amazing.”

Accounting & Finance Manager

But project teams often struggle to sufficiently define a project’s goals and objectives, align the skills and resources for getting the job done, and generally keep every stakeholder involved, engaged, and in constant communication. They still rely on a range of legacy applications and standalone tools that create significant visibility gaps and limit collaboration, highlighting the need for more integrated and expansive solutions.

Bridging Visibility Gaps with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated platform purpose-built to help project leaders more efficiently and effectively manage every aspect of their project — budgeting, inventory, time sheets, billing, profitability, and reporting — from a single, unified platform for ultimate simplicity and productivity.

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides project managers and owners a comprehensive suite of financial, progress, and resource utilization reports available on-demand from any connected device that help teams routinely keep even the most complex projects on-time and under budget.

Dynamics 365 Business Central for Project Management

Business Central provides project teams with an array of richly-featured, integrated tools that dramatically simplify managing complex, multifaceted projects.

Supply planning

Get the right resources in the right amounts to get the job done quickly and efficiently with on-demand material and inventory planning. Generate optimal recommendations for replenishing inventory transfers based on current and future demand and availability and other parameters.

Integrated vendor management

Manage purchase of the same item from different vendors and even set up alternative vendors for items, specify typical lead times, and record price and discount agreements with each vendor.

Jobs and time tracking

Track usage on jobs and data for invoicing as well as recorded labor hours for more precise resource management and project planning. Manage fixed-price and time-and-materials jobs from the same location, create job plans to properly align people and materials, and tightly manage labor hours to improve margins and project profitability.

Project Management screenshot on laptop and tablet