Smarter Retail Decisions, Better Retail Data

Few industries are as intensely competitive as retail. With razor-thin margins, rapidly changing customer preferences, and a never-ending cycle of managing operational and inventory efficiencies, retailers need to get smart about their operations.

“I was impressed with the detailed plan ArcherPoint proposed to implement the new system – how they planned to manage the project without surprises at the end.”

Carmine NoceFinancial Controller Canali USA

But many retailers still use multiple, disparate software — separate point-of-sale, accounting, finance, and inventory management tools — resulting in poor visibility, inaccurate or outdated data, and other limited insights that can make for costly business mistakes. What many retailers require is an end-to-end, omnichannel retail management solution that provides retail financial reporting and KPIs to empower fast, accurate decision-making.

Maximize Insights and Act on Real Time Reporting

ArcherPoint’s experts deploy purpose-built retail solutions designed to give finance, accounting, and operations leaders the tools and information they need to drive revenue and profitability. Using the latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) and analytics with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI, and LS Retail, ArcherPoint delivers a consolidated, accurate, and expansive view of a retailer’s financial health all the way down to the product and individual store level.

Now, retail teams can aggregate data on-demand from an all-in-one retail management platform complete with POS, inventory management, demand planning and replenishment, customer management tools and loyalty, accounting systems and reporting. The right tools used in the right way will help you reduce loss, decrease working capital, and optimize pricing strategies for greater margins and profit.

Omnichannel Retail Finance and Business Intelligence Key Features

ArcherPoint’s experts help you with integrated omnichannel retail management solutions that feature a wide variety of profit-boosting tools and capabilities.

Store, item, and sales performance management

Gain critical insights into product sales velocities, high and low performing locations, stock out risk, and other vital sales information from a single solution. Understand where customers are buying and which promotions programs have the greatest potential for success. Uncover previously hidden sales trends that help you better plan sales and promotions activities to increase sales and incremental revenues across every product line, location, and region.

Robust business intelligence

Create a comprehensive, detailed picture of the financial health of your organization to make smarter, truly data-driven decisions with Microsoft’s business intelligence tools configured for your needs by ArcherPoint’s BI experts. Get real-time reports on store performance, inventory, product shrinkage, high staff turnover, buying trends, and product margins to effectively cut costs, increase profit, and grow your customer base. Go even deeper with rich analysis to discover your most valuable customers and assess every aspect of your vendor relationships to negotiate more favorable terms and streamline your buying strategies.

Data that drives foot traffic

Create in-depth buyer insights and customer behavioral models that help you identify your most profitable and high-performing sales channels, plan more effective targeted promotions to address seasonality or other variables and adapt pricing and discounts to be more competitive to increase foot traffic to your physical stores.