Multi-channel eCommerce Management

Online shoppers have no shortage of options these days. Retailers eager to carve out their piece of the eCommerce pie are increasingly adopting a number of different platforms — Amazon, Magento, Shopify, and others — to reach customers wherever they live. 

“We had multiple, different, data sources … long story short, CSM saves us many headaches and it was easy to set up and manage … rollout was phenomenal!”

Ten Thousand Villages

But managing those platforms individually and with manual processes is time- and resource-intensive and ineffective. It dramatically increases the risk of data entry errors and visibility gaps that lead to inventory stock outs, order processing delays, and inaccurate demand forecasts that undermine profitability and the customer experience.

Instead, businesses need a way to connect any and every eCommerce platform to a central system for greater visibility, easier inventory management, and more robust reporting that will bring new efficiencies to their daily operations.

Integrated eCommerce with Channel Sales Manager

ArcherPoint Channel Sales Manager (CSM) is a fully integrated eCommerce management tool that connects your sales platform — Amazon, Magento, Shopify, and a growing list of others — with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Built on the latest Microsoft technologies, CSM enables you to manage and grow your eCommerce business effectively and efficiently, with a complete view of all your orders, listings, inventory, and payments all in a single place.

ArcherPoint’s decades of experience and status as a premier Microsoft partner means you’ll have access to the industry’s best and brightest minds who can help you tailor your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central instance— platform connections, reporting and analytics, and custom automations — to help you gain complete sales order visibility that accelerate order processing with fewer errors and create happier, more loyal customers.

Channel Sales Manager Key Features

ArcherPoint Channel Sales Manager offers an array of powerful, business-enabling automations, data syncing, and visibility to execute orders faster, more accurately, and in line with your customers’ expectations.

Listing management

Manage, maintain, and update product listings across sales channels from a single location. Modify product descriptions, add new photos, and update prices and availability instantly to make sure your team — and your customers — are working from the most current information.

Financial reporting

Get on-demand financial reports covering everything from merchant account and shipping fee accruals to cash flow analysis, pricing analytics, and records reconciliation to minimize waste and maximize profitability.

Inventory availability and replenishment

Connect your eCommerce platforms to Dynamics 365 Business Central for a unified view of product availability and inventory levels. Replenish low stock levels automatically or with custom manual replenishment actions, initiate product transfers from one location to another, and track shipping by third-party logistics providers all from the same system.

Order management

Easily and effortlessly track orders from every platform, at any time. Get real-time looks at new orders coming in from each sales channel, along with returns requests, order changes, and cancellations for a comprehensive point-in-time snapshot of your business. Automate shipping notifications to keep orders going out the door without interrupting other daily operations and activities.

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