Complete Network Service Plans* for All Your IT Needs

We want to ensure you get the right support for your IT needs. Begin with our Cloud-Ready Assessment, then choose the right plan from one of our worry-free fixed-fee Managed Network Services plans.

Email Safety

$79.95 USD per user/month

Security Testing

Incudes security training

Credential Monitoring

Leaked credential detection

License Management

Microsoft license reconciliation

*In order to qualify for ArcherPoint Complete Network Services, you must have us as your Microsoft CSP, your Microsoft licensing through us, and a minimum of 10 workstations in your managed network.

Remote Monitoring

$119.95 USD per user/month


Managed Security Operation Center

Remote Monitoring

Includes remote management

Backup & Recovery

Includes disaster recovery1


Everything in the Email Safety plan.

1Georedundant backup capability requires additional Microsoft Azure license fees.

24/7 Coverage

$198.95 USD per user/month

Phone Support

24/7, 365 days a year

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scanning


Everything in the Email Safety and Remote Monitoring plan.

Cloud Ready Assessment

Start with our cloud-ready assessment for peace of mind. This assessment will provide insight into the current state of your network. Identify any vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for how you can be truly ready for the cloud.

  • Leaked credential detection
  • Vulnerability scan
  • External penetration test
  • DMARK Validation (testing trustworthiness of outbound email)
  • Identity management review
  • Microsoft License Reconciliation
  • Single sign-on
  • Endpoint and infrastructure security management
  • Data security, backup, and disaster recovery – local and cloud
  • Cyber insurance qualification assistance
  • Cloud security assessments

The ArcherPoint Cloud-Ready Assessment is $795 USD (one-time fee).