Integrated 3PL Solution Based on Industry Input

In today’s fast-paced world, where labor shortages, ever-changing customer demands, and technological advancements are the norm, 3PL companies seek cutting-edge software solutions. Essential tools to navigate the dynamic logistics landscape with finesse. Not only do they help in winning over customers, but they also streamline operations, making processes smoother and more efficient.

Logistics serves as the cornerstone of the global economy. As a logistics service provider, you play a pivotal role in relieving your customers of the burdens associated with logistics activities. Your competitive edge lies in the efficiency of your processes and your ability to maintain tight control over margins. By embracing the latest innovations and leveraging best practices refined by over 300 logistics service providers, you can deliver top-notch service to your customers without adding to the administrative workload.

One flexible state-of the platform with solutions for every branch.

A custom solution might fit like a glove, but for how long? The cost of making changes down the line can quickly add up, not to mention the risk of hitting the boundaries of your customization capabilities. Choose our state-of-the-art platform—an investment in the future. Designed to handle storage, transshipment, and transportation of goods across land, sea, and air, our platform is the future-proof solution to stay ahead of the curve.

The dynamic world of logistics has numerous unique service providers. Yet, despite their differences, they often grapple with similar sector-specific processes. At ArcherPoint, we recognize that it’s not the disparities but the commonalities that form the foundation of our versatile software platform—a modular solution that puts you in control. You decide which functionalities to utilize while we ensure that developments are shared across the entire sector. Because all our customers operate on the same version, updates can be automated, keeping your software up-to-date and hassle-free.

Future-proof logistics software leading the way

Our logistics software harnesses the robust platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, renowned for its flexibility, stability, and user-friendliness. With a swift, one-time implementation, the need for custom-made software becomes obsolete. We’ve seamlessly integrated all standard operational and logistical processes into our software, ensuring that only your required functionalities are enabled. Plus, you have the freedom to adjust your configuration whenever necessary. Thanks to the unique capabilities of our platform, maintenance and updates occur seamlessly without interrupting your business operations. After all, it’s what you’d expect from the industry standard!

Seamless integration across platforms

Streamline operations and reduce manual tasks with our integration hub. Enjoy standard connections to manufacturers, retailers, web shops, customer ERPs, customs, airliner and sea freight platforms, and robotics. Manage purchase orders, sales orders, stock reports, and mutations effortlessly. Directly integrate with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. Choose shipping options via preferred forwarding platforms—all within our comprehensive integration hub.

Streamlined logistics and invoicing: an all-in-one solution

Logistics suppliers generate revenue from a spectrum of services, from goods intake to storage, value-added logistics, and shipment. Our software seamlessly integrates with the financial administration in Business Central, facilitating the effortless registration and prompt invoicing of all logistics activities per customer. Providing real-time insight into your financial situation, including pending invoices.

Empowering Management Insights

Experience the difference in results. Access a diverse range of management reports customized to your requirements, ranging from basic stock lists to comprehensive dashboards showcasing key performance indicators (KPIs). With all data centralized in a single integrated solution, you’ll achieve clear visibility into your business processes, enabling proactive operations management instead of reactive firefighting.


From chaos to control: Automate and optimize your warehouse with cutting-edge WMS

Forget the trade-off between price and speed. With our revolutionary warehouse automation software, you can deliver lower costs and shorter lead times. Sharpen your focus on what matters: efficiency, quality, and reliability. 3PL Dynamics tackles your administrative burden head-on, freeing you to focus on excellence.

Built specifically for logistics service providers like you, our WMS system handles everything, from simple inbound orders to complex cross-docking and customs clearance. Unlike other systems, we link goods directly to customers, seamlessly managing multiple clients in a single warehouse. Just one click registers and invoices all value-added services, saving you time and money.

Support your entire warehousing activities

With our 3PL software, you have all the basic functionalities of a modern WMS at your fingertips. The WMS offers all the functionalities for a public warehouse:

  • Order picking: Whether you work with wireless barcode scanners, voice terminals, or mechanization – our WMS is equipped for all order-picking activities of logistics service providers.
  • RF-Scanning: With the RF scanning module, all warehouse operations are controlled via scanners. Real-time insight: which ensures grip and control of logistics processes.
  • Customs: Through a direct link between our WMS software and customs systems, your customers’ goods can be declared easily and automated.
  • Value Added Logistics: All VAL activities are planned and administered in the WMS, fully integrated into the scanning process. Invoicing of VAL activities is simple with the push of a button.
  • Weight integration: Register the correct weights in the WMS system via standard interfaces with scales and weighbridges via scanners or touch screens.
  • Cross-docking: Convert incoming goods directly to outgoing goods and place the goods by using the scanning process in the right location for cross-dock storage.
  • Tracking & tracing: Any movement of goods, lots, batches, pallets, or boxes in the warehouse is registered and transparent with just one mouse click.
  • Quality control: Linking wireless terminals or tablets to the WMS system allows you to check the quality of goods in every phase of the logistics process. The quality check results are connected to the respective goods, products, lots, or batches in the WMS system.
  • Label printing: Design SSCC labels like your customers want them. You can define and print labels by product, customer, and delivery address.
  • Customer portal: Give your customers access to their own web portal to check information about orders, invoices, goods-in and goods-out (on product/batch level), and changes in inventories.
  • EDI: Through our connectors, we offer several standard interfaces out-of-the-box.

Effortless connectivity. Strealined success.

Wave goodbye to tedious tasks and embrace seamless integration with our logistics integration platform. Connect with various partners, from manufacturers and retailers to web shops and ERP systems. Streamline data flow with pre-built integrations for everything from purchase orders and sales orders to stock reports and mutations. Connect directly to popular platforms like SAP, and Shopify, or find the best shipping option with carrier platforms.

Elevate your warehouse to the next level of automation: our integration platform serves as the bridge between your WMS and robotics, automating even the most complex tasks. Integrate seamlessly with conveyor belts, AGVs, VTUs, AutoStores, and Automatic Layer Pickers for unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

WMS & Invoicing

The WMS seamlessly integrates with the financial administration in Dynamics 365 Business Central, meaning all warehouse activities per customer are registered and invoiced promptly and easily. This provides real-time insight into your financial situation, including pending invoices.

Management information in WMS

To measure is to know. Our total solution for logistics suppliers covers all necessary report formats. From a simple stock list to a complete dashboard with your most important KPIs. Because all data is available within one integrated solution, you gain a clear insight into all your business processes, enabling you to manage rather than fight fires.

Ready to unlock the true potential of your warehouse?


Maximize efficiency and profits with Transportation Management Software

Boost efficiency and reduce costs with our powerful road freight software. Gain deeper insights into your operations, control transport expenses, and ensure on-time deliveries with our comprehensive suite of tools.

Streamline every step of your 3PL logistics with our TMS software. We handle everything from managing orders and planning shipments to optimizing routes and contracts. Effortlessly manage tariffs, surcharges, and your fleet for maximum efficiency. Seamless integration is built-in, connecting with various onboard unit systems and advanced planning systems for a unified workflow.


  • Increased efficiency: Optimize routes, automate tasks, and gain real-time visibility.
  • Reduced costs: Control transport expenses with transparent pricing and smart planning.
  • Improved on-time deliveries: Ensure predictable transit times and reduce delays.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Deliver exceptional service with accurate tracking and communication.

Exchange data between cross-dock depot(s)

You want to deliver goods as fast as possible, but at the same time load your trucks as smart and efficient as possible. Fast and reliable data exchange between cross-dock warehouses and trucks makes optimal scheduling of shipments easier. Gain more insights into your road freight and a higher turnover.

Support all forms of road transport

Our software supports all forms of road transport, whether you arrange the transport for your customers with your trucks and drivers or outsource it to carriers.

  • Order management: Submitting, planning, managing, and invoicing for transport requests. Accessible to planners, drivers, and customers.
  • Contract and tariffs: Specify tariff agreements with customers and subcontractors in the TMS in line with each preferred calculation method.
  • Linking onboard units: Link your onboard units to your TMS software to exchange data  about unloaded goods, packaging, delays, losses, petrol receipts, etc.
  • Shipment and route planning: Link the software to Advanced Planning Systems for automatic shipment planning.
  • Fuel management: Save on fuel costs with insight into fuel consumption.
  • Fleet management: Prevent stoppage and reduce your fleet costs with intelligent fleet management.
  • Tracking & tracing: Track your vehicles and consignments en route for planning optimization, theft prevention, mileage administration, and customer dispatch tracking purposes.
  • Customs: Automate customs declarations, generate customs documentation, and track the declaration process in your TMS.
  • App for drivers: Inform drivers via the app which consignments are due. Upon delivery, the recipient signs it off digitally. All the data is automatically entered into the TMS and is accessible to everyone. Damages can be photographed and reported on via the app.
  • Customer portal: Give customers access to the customer portal to check the status of their consignment. Moreover, create new requests and print signed-off freight documents.

Calculate Quotes

The transportation costs can be calculated easily based on the established tariff agreements. Thus, the price of a new transport can quickly (and automatically) be calculated, and with just one click the quotation can be mailed or converted directly into a transport order.

Generate transport documents

Once the data of shipments are entered in the TMS, the required documents are automatically generated as a CMR, loading list, receipts, and manifest.


Once the shipment has been delivered, the invoice is generated automatically in the TMS or reserved for a collective invoice. Because the shipment is linked to the quote, the administration department can check and send the invoice. Special expenses, such as waiting hours, repackaging, or booking fee, may be added.

If transport is outsourced externally, the invoice from the subcontractor can be checked thanks to the connection of the transport order with tariff agreements. Self-billing is also possible. The purchase invoice will be attached to the file via document scanning.

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Freight Forwarding

International Shipping: Navigate the paper chase with ease

Forget the labyrinth of paperwork that can stall your international shipments and inflate import costs. Our Freight Forwarding software streamlines the entire process, from export declarations to customs clearance, with unparalleled ease.

Imagine entering data once, effortlessly, and our software automates the heavy lifting. Imagine saving valuable time and gaining deeper insights into your operations. Our platform handles it all, whether you’re managing air, sea, road, or multi-modal shipments.

Beyond efficiency, we empower you with control. Plan your logistics, track progress, and manage costs transparently, from procurement to payment collection. Whether you’re handling a single shipment or complex groupage, gain instant visibility into your performance.

Import 7 export all in one solution

Handle all your road, ocean and air freight processes with one solution. From a request for quote to shipments, bookings, and order processing. The software generates the corresponding documentation.

Register separate bookings per destination and link them to a container file as split consignments. The software considers the total weight and format of the split consignments. Making it a quick and easy assignment for you to compile loading lists and a container manifest.

Ocean freight
Book complete containers (Full Container Load) or consolidated containers (Less than Container Load) for your customers. Simply register the details necessary for the export consignment and subsequently quickly generate a booking confirmation, transport request, customs request, customs clearance document or Transit declaration, a CMR waybill or a shipment instruction.

Air freight
Print with export consignments the House Air Way Bill and the Master Air Way Bill or send it as an email. Links with customs systems for import and export can be quickly facilitated.

Automate customs declaration

The forwarding of goods demands expertise and a single system that supports all customs flows. That is why we offer comprehensive customs functionality within the software. Automate declarations and corresponding documentation directly from the application while retaining continuous insight into the customs process.

Communicate with shippers, airlines & customs

You are a central partner, working closely with other parties in the market. With direct links such as freight platforms and customs for making declarations, simplify the process and avoid mistakes. All from a single software solution.

Register relevant data

Capture the necessary data in our sea freight expedition software for the handling of containers, pallets, or packages:

  • Product information (size, weight, hazardous substances, temperature, etc.)
  • Details client & receiver
  • Loading and unloading address
  • Airline, shipping company & ship
  • (air)ports
  • ETD and ETA
  • Bill of lading
  • Retrieval-/delivery documents for containers
  • CMR for container
  • Invoices
  • Customs declarations
  • Assignments & confirmations
  • Shipments certificates, Value statement, EUR.1 certificate, Certificate of Origin (CO) and ATR

Capture tariff agreements

Rates for ocean and air freights are never standard. Prices for RoRo, FCL, LCL or cars in containers can vary. But also, of the location of origin and destination, and the number of ships or airlines that are active on a specific route. Our software allows you to capture complex tariff agreements, saving you time and giving you a clear insight into costs and revenues.

Process purchase invoices automatically

Handle your logistics and financial activities with one single solution. Match, for example, incoming invoices to the agreements made earlier in the logistics process, helping to keep errors to a minimum and thus increasing your margin. This process can be entirely automated using our Document Capture module that digitally saves all your documents, and purchase invoices are automatically created and matched.

Ready to unlock seamless international shipping and optimize your bottom line?


Simplify communication and unlock efficiency: streamline your operations with EDI and keep ahead of the curve.

Level up your communication game and communicate seamlessly with your customers with cutting-edge EDI technology. In today’s fast-paced logistics landscape, instant, two-way data exchange is crucial. Are your customers demanding the latest EDI technology? Or are you struggling with outdated systems that hold you back?

Our logistics integration platform, DataHub, is your answer. Simplify your communication flow, eliminate manual tasks, and minimize errors with a transparent, automated process. No more relying on third-party connections – take control and unlock the power of real-time communication.

Break through digital language barriers

Effectively manage and process data flows with DataHub, a collaborative platform that fosters seamless communication and data processing. This jointly managed solution empowers you and your customers to automate data exchange within your respective systems, eliminating manual entry and its inherent inefficiencies.

Always up to date with the latest technology

ArcherPoint ensures you’re always equipped with the latest technology: regular updates and new features are incorporated based on industry-wide input and customer feedback, guaranteeing you remain at the forefront of data exchange capabilities.

Unleash unparalled flexibility

Connect easily, regardless of format: DataHub seamlessly handles all common messaging formats, from XML and EDIFACT to X12, Idoc, JSON, PDF, and even images. DataHub bridges the gap with technical expertise and proven connectivity regardless of your partner’s preference.

Simplify integrations and maximize efficiency. Connect with confidence

Eliminate the need for complex, point-to-point integrations with 3PL Dynamics, your one-stop software platform. Get seamless integration between WMS, TMS, and freight forwarding software, all within a unified ecosystem.

Cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs

Our transparent pricing structure ensures you only pay for what you use. Select a bundle that aligns with your current EDI volume, with the flexibility to adjust it as your needs evolve. This clear, honest, and competitively priced approach guarantees optimal value for your investment.

Experience unparalleled security and transparency

Hosted on the highly secure cloud environment of Microsoft Azure, DataHub prioritizes data integrity and accurate information exchange. You gain the ability to monitor data flows effortlessly, ensuring transparency and eliminating communication noise.

Ready to unlock seamless data exchange?