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When most or all of your revenues are from online sales, you need a financial solution that works with multiple marketplaces and online retail sites to maximize your exposure to prospective customers. However, the process of taking and fulfilling orders differs for each platform, and managing payment processing and handling returns and refunds can become overwhelming as you add more sites.

“I was impressed with the detailed plan ArcherPoint proposed to implement the new system – how they planned to manage the project without surprises at the end.”

Carmine NoceFinancial Controller Canali USA

eCommerce has been growing rapidly for the last ten years. In 2021, retail e-commerce sales amounted to approximately $5.2 trillion worldwide. This figure is forecast to grow by 56 percent over the coming years, reaching about $8.1 trillion by 2026. In the United States alone, e-commerce retail trade sales were worth over $1 trillion in 2022.

The COVID pandemic forced many manufacturers and distributors to sell directly to the end user because their distribution channels were limited or shut down completely. As a result, direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce sales in the United States grew from $128 billion in 2021 to more than $200 billion in 2023. Moreover, more than 50% of consumers prefer brand websites to retailer websites because they offer more comprehensive information and guides about their products.

Time for an Integrated eCommerce Platform

The growth of online sales is only going to increase. Managing multiple eCommerce sites and marketplaces with disjointed integrations and financials will only bog you down and, eventually, stop your opportunity to grow.

At ArcherPoint, we’ve been helping businesses integrate their financial management software with online sales channels for years. We’ve helped retailers, manufacturers, and distributors open multiple online sales outlets using modern technology built on a flexible Microsoft business platform.

Get Serious about Your Online Business

With competition heating up, you can’t waste time cobbling an eCommerce solution together on your own. We start with a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central—one of the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems available, capable of handling complex financial management, including multiple corporate entities, manufacturing, distribution, and business analytics. We add seamless integrations to the most popular eCommerce sites and marketplaces, such as Amazon, Shopify, and BigCommerce, plus PCI-compliant payment processing for a complete, end-to-end solution that gives you control and visibility over your sales and fulfillment requirements.

Support for multiple eCommerce sites and marketplaces

Keep your current eCommerce platform and add new sites easily. ArcherPoint’s eTailer solution provides built-in integration to Amazon, Adobe Commerce (Magento), WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce. You can even build additional connections using a flexible API.

Manage order fulfillment

ArcherPoint’s eTailer solution gives you options: use 3PL, provide your fulfillment, or combine the two. Business Central exchanges data with your sales channel so you always know the status of your orders.

Flexible payment gateway

ArcherPoint’e eTailer solution provides PCI-compliant payment processing with native support for Stripe and Usio, plus an API to create new integrations.

Multiple business entities

Business Central lets you run multiple business entities with support for multiple currencies, complex consolidations, and domestic and international government regulations.

Sell what you like where you like

Whether you sell through marketplaces, hosted solutions, or your own eCommerce site, we have you covered! Handle consumer and business sales with faceted search options, discounts, separate pricing, and more!

Warehouse and inventory management

Business Central provides comprehensive warehouse and inventory management features to track, forecast, and replenish inventory in your warehouse or third-party fulfillment centers, giving you visibility across all your warehouses.

Visibility across the organization

Leverage Business Central reporting and Microsoft business analytics tools to generate standard and custom reports, personalized dashboards, and visualizations for real-time visibility across all your business operations. Empower management with accurate forecasts and actionable data.

Increase productivity and reduce errors with automated workflows

Use low-code/no-code drag-and-drop automation tools to reduce manual tasks with automated processes and workflows.

Full support for manufacturing and distribution

Business Central is a robust ERP with native manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, and supply chain management support. ArcherPoint’s eTailer solution provides an end-to-end online retail solution for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

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