Business Agility for a Changing World

Change happens at the speed of business. But many companies don’t have the infrastructure, tools, or processes in place to effectively respond to rapidly changing market conditions. That’s because when businesses hire third-party ERP and software consultants, they’re usually hiring one with narrow market expertise and a one-size-fits-all implementation playbook.

“We talked to several ArcherPoint customers, who recommended finding a partner with resources, experience, a methodology, and a strong project management discipline…and they agreed that ArcherPoint possessed all of these qualities.”

Dave HatkerVP of IT CCA & B

The result is frequently an inflexible, inefficient, and costly technology environment that’s difficult to manage, upgrade, and adapt as the needs of the business and its competitive space change. From retail and hospitality to manufacturing and global supply chain operations, no two businesses have the same needs or challenges. So why should their ERP implementation — and an engagement with an implementation partner — be the same?

Agile-Inspired Innovation and Results

ArcherPoint is challenging the image of the typical software consultant with a novel, customer-centric approach. Unlike one-size-fits-all software solutions, ArcherPoint has engineered an Agile-inspired, proven software implementation methodology designed to address the needs of businesses in every industry with complex ERP, supply chain, and process requirements.

Our implementation methodology is an iterative experience that enables clients to directly participate in the process and provide feedback every step of the way — building everything to your specification. Starting with a deep-dive business review to map systems and application dependencies to broader business objectives, our in-depth discovery and business analysis results in a functional requirement blueprint, which guides data  migration, systems configuration, customizations, testing, and training before the go-live date. 

Supported by a team of experts with extensive hands-on experience in industries ranging from supply chain management and warehousing to food & beverage and retail, ArcherPoint is uniquely qualified to deliver truly integrative technologies to maximize systems, create efficiencies, and produce big business results.

ArcherPoint ERP Implementation Methodology and Framework

You’ll work with a dedicated team of industry pros whose expertise and experience extend to every facet of the global supply chain, arming you with the knowledge and technical capabilities you need to get ahead.  

ArcherPoint’s unique, Agile-inspired methodology is a customizable approach to effectively addressing virtually any client need, schedule, industry, and culture. Built with successful change management in mind, our methodology empowers clients to provide direct feedback each step of the way and to take an active role in their implementation.

Project Prep

ArcherPoint learns the business story and embraces your narrative.; includes review of business, resource and management challenges, perceived project objectives and other information learned during sales engagement for precision and accuracy; build initial timeline and assess other major internal initiatives.

Business Analysis

More than a diagnostic and much more than a discussion of software, the goal of a business process analysis is to discover the overarching business direction–people, processes, skill sets, systems–across the entire enterprise and ecosystem. Through this work, we find the best approach to meet your initiatives, objectives, and overall business process goals—even if the approach doesn’t involve Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or ArcherPoint’s product offerings

Functional Analysis and Requirements

Involving all stakeholders, we discuss and agree upon the specific needs and requirements of the project, as well as exploring options and opportunities in your workflows and business processes. It all comes down to what your people want and need to get their jobs done now and in the future. In considering Business Central and its ecosystem of integrated applications, what should the software do, including productivity improvements? What are processes and workflows now and how can they be improved? These efforts result in the best use of systems, technology, and processes for enhanced ROI on your ERP investment.

Data Integration

Data integration not only involves the movement of data from one location to another but from legacy systems to new architectures,in new formats, and across applications and services. It’s key to have command of source data together with current and future access and management authorities. Data clean-up, mapping, and restructuring to arrive at a suitable data integration roadmap are imperative in ensuring business continuity as you move to a SaaS, hosted cloud, or an on-premises solution.

System Set-up

Configuring your system right the first time can mean the difference between a smooth go-live and unnecessary frustration and challenges. The experts at ArcherPoint bring experience to the table and understand your business requirements and what you need for a successful implementation. We take all scenarios, features, add-ons, and circumstances into consideration as we build your system plan and set you up for success.

Configuration & Customization

Few organizations have the time or team resources to delve into, deeply understand, and expertly apply out-of-the-box functionality even with Business Central’s increasingly strong development and configuration tools. What’s more, businesses needing customization and development extensions in some or many elements of their project should use the latest best practices like automated testing to ensure longevity in their investment. ArcherPoint’s team of highly skilled custom-coding experts answer the call when complexity and unique requirements come into play.


Testing is a prominent element in every technology project that reduces risk, prepares for contingencies, assures system performance, provides consistent service and functionality, and delivers a smooth transition. Each element of a project–data integration, system set-up, configuration, and customization will require testing, analysis, and adjustments as will the end-to-end system and all business applications. Whether using manual or automated testing modes, ArcherPoint has the perspective and experience to employ best practices that drive performance.


An ERP solution must include a thorough training plan, or it is not a complete solution. Since your Microsoft Dynamics solution is tailored to meet the way you do business, ArcherPoint offers tailored training along with it, including the specific needs of every role within. Whatever type of training you need, our Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central experts can sharpen your team’s skills. All ArcherPoint training is conducted by instructors certified in Microsoft applications, with access to your systems and specific Dynamics solution.

Go-Live Strategy

Whether a single- or multi-site project, a defined Business Central Go-Live Strategy includes the change management, process adjustments, timeline, roles and responsibilities; and comprehensive communications to ensure a smooth well-orchestrated, successful transition to the new environment.


ArcherPoint’s extensive post-implementation support options include pre-packaged plans as well as creative client-customized engagements to fit your unique business needs and gain the most value from your ArcherPoint solution. It’s an environment that gives clients predictable response times and controlled costs associated with their day-to-day needs.