Maximize Your ERP Investment with Upgrades

Technology upgrades are often thought of as a necessary evil. Moving from one generation of your system to the next often conjures thoughts of cost, business disruption, and maybe even limited reward for all the effort. And even subscription software that’s automatically updated can wreak havoc when customizations or add-on software is no longer in sync or compatible.

When your subscription instance of Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically updates, it doesn’t account for changes that might be needed for custom extensions or ISV addons. And if your using Microsoft Dynamics NAV or LS Central, it might meet your needs for now, but that won’t always be the case.

ArcherPoint took point on an area that could have been a problem and that was not part of their responsibility. They did a lot to help get that resolved and working.

Dian ShytleIT Manager Oxco

Eventually support for the version will end, creating a mountain of additional challenges to overcome like accessing updates to safeguard against security breaches, integrating with other applications and systems, minimizing business interruptions, and keeping up with the competition — without breaking the bank. 

Get Current and Stay Current with ArcherPoint

ArcherPoint takes the sting and worry out of upgrades with a continuous upgrade solution that keeps your business current with the latest tools and up to speed with your competitors.

Whether you’re upgrading from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central, from LS NAV to LS Central, or you want to ensure your Dynamics 365 Business Central third-party applications and customizations work seamlessly, our unique subscription service is the best way to stay current, access new features and functionality faster, and cut your upgrade costs by more than half with predictable fixed monthly fees. 

Complex Upgrades Made Simple

We’ve perfected the art of complex upgrades and have earned a reputation for making the impossible possible. With a dedicated upgrades team, no database is too big, too customized, or too old. We’ve got this down to an art and science–to the point that we can upgrade any database size or complexity in a weekend. And we can keep you current with packaged plans to simplify your upgrades moving forward.

ArcherPoint Upgrade Services Key Features

Upgrading a business-critical system is one of the best possible investments you can make. And upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or LS Central with ArcherPoint is the best decision you can make.

Instant access to breakthrough technologies

Subscribing to ArcherPoint’s upgrade services allows you to take advantage of ground-breaking innovations around mobile, business intelligence/AI/machine learning, and unprecedented integration with the entire Microsoft platform (Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft 365, and more).

Subscription service fixed pricing

Achieve budget and technology certainty with ArcherPoint’s Get Current, Stay Current upgrade program. The fixed-fee plan enables your business to get and remain current with unlimited upgrades, even when your entire environment is customized, and gain access to a 24/7 project team that ensures the quickest possible turnaround.

Rapid, seamless upgrades

Forget the stress and worry most upgrades can cause. ArcherPoint boasts one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central upgrade teams worldwide. Our team has the requisite skills, experience, tools, and proven methodology dedicated to delivering a seamless upgrade experience for even the most complex situations. More importantly, most upgrades can be completed quickly — expertly customized and deployed with virtually no downtime. 

No database too big, too customized, or too outdated

Our experts have advanced capabilities and expertise in moving large, highly customized, and legacy versions of Dynamics NAV and Navision to get you on a path to being current. Have your C/AL converted to AL, your customizations moved to Events, your ISVs migrated to Extensions, and have access to a dedicated project team to turn your upgrade project around quickly and successfully.

Learn more about ArcherPoint’s Get Current, Stay Current plans and how we can help you with your Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, or LS Retail upgrade.

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