Balancing Supply and Demand

There’s nothing worse than running out of the products your customers want most, while others take up valuable shelf space. Whether online or in the store, keeping the right products, in the right quantities, at the right times is the ultimate balancing act for retailers — and usually quite the challenge. 

“LS Retail allows us to accurately see what is selling in which stores on an hourly basis. With this information, we can make time-sensitive decisions to reorder stock or move inventory quickly.”

Barry KozlowskiVice President Gallo

For many, disconnected point-of-sale (POS) and inventory tracking systems create huge visibility gaps that make it difficult to accurately compare how much inventory is on hand versus how much will be needed at various points in the future. And relying on outdated manual forecasts and demand plans based on incomplete data is a recipe for stock outs or over purchases that tie up too much cash in idle inventory.

Automated, Closed-Loop Inventory Control

An end-to-end, omnichannel retail management system is the ideal solution for asserting greater control over your inventory, replenishment, and retail supply chain operations. ArcherPoint combines decades of retail expertise with today’s best technologies from leading providers like Microsoft and LS Retail to provide efficient, cost-effective platforms that take the guesswork out of planning, stocking, and replenishing the products your customers want without the risk of overstocking.

ArcherPoint delivers unified commerce solutions complete with integrated inventory systems, ERP, and POS for a closed-loop ecosystem that enables more accurate, detailed, and dynamic demand planning across any desired time interval. Robust automation capabilities can be custom configured to automatically replenish supplies when quantities reach a particular threshold or every time a unit is sold, along with manual allocation and replenishment tools for ultimate agility and flexibility.

Omnichannel Retail Inventory Management Key Features

Not all retail management systems are the same. ArcherPoint provides end-to-end unified commerce solutions with cost- and time-saving features.

Automatic and manual stock replenishment

Put inventory restocking on autopilot or do it yourself. Automatically calculate the quantities of replenishment for each store and warehouse or manually calculate product allocations based on field-level intelligence from individual stores to safety stock levels to prevent stock-outs.

ArcherPoint can help you achieve greater control over and flexibility with your inventory to help ensure you’re able to deliver the products your customers want when and where they need them.

Item segmentation and tracking

Group items in hierarchies or other custom categories that include specific attributes for easier stock level management and shrinkage control. Manage and track serial and lot numbers that can be assigned manually or automatically and receive and ship multiple quantities with numbers from a single order line entry — all from a single platform for real-time, 360-degree visibility.

Buyer behavior-driven replenishment

Get your restocking orders at the right time and in the right amounts based on your customers’ behaviors. Set minimum or maximum stock threshold settings to automatically trigger a new order or to skip one when you have enough on hand. Leverage allocation rules and sales history to forecast future needs. Track average usage from sales histories and follow seasonal trends to better plan large restocking orders or manually input replenishment orders ahead of planned promotions, special events, or holidays.