Improved Service Delivery with Greater Project Visibility

Professional services organizations are faced with a chess game of moving pieces involving planning for ongoing client demands, staffing and training new resources, and maximizing billables—all while managing and fulfilling customer expectations. Efficient staff utilization is critical to ensuring the right resources are on the right projects at the right times. Highly skilled, well-paid employees who are in high demand must be effectively utilized, regardless of market conditions that can fluctuate significantly—and sometimes, overnight.

“79 percent of the best-in-class professional services firms had the capability to allocate resources during the proposal phase, ensuring that required resources will be available throughout the project.”

Aberdeen Group

Remaining profitable requires accurate estimates of your projects and services, meeting project milestones, and ensuring deliverables meet customer needs and expectations. In short, you must maintain complete visibility throughout all phases of a project to track costs and revenue.

Expertise in Hitting Your Milestones

ArcherPoint understands the challenges that come with running a project-driven professional services organization. We put technology to work to help you find the perfect balance of staff utilization, client satisfaction, and optimization of resources and pricing to keep your offerings competitive while maintaining excellent service levels and relationships with your clients.

We accomplish this by tailoring a solution, built on the Microsoft platform with Business Central at the core, enabling you to collaborate more effectively to find, win, and keep business. You’ll also be able to efficiently manage and account for client engagements, and attract and retain great talent.

Keep Projects and Resources on Track

With ArcherPoint solutions for Professional Services, you get the tools you need to more effectively manage projects and resources throughout the lifecycle of the engagement.

Project estimation

Quickly estimate projects based on standardized costs from previous projects with similar requirements, qualifications, timeframes, and headcount.

Project status tracking

Automatically track employee timesheets and project milestones, offering a real-time view of a project’s costs, whether a project is running over- or under-budget, and whether the project is meeting key milestones on time.

Prospect identification

Avoid tying up valuable resources on less profitable assignments by connecting the most profitable prospects with resource availability to optimize demand planning and sales forecasting.

Complete project cost visibility

Make sure you are aware of all project costs—from the first sales visit to the final invoice—by tracking all costs, time, and resource allocation, which helps identify the profitability of each project and offer guidance to future projects.

Resource allocation

Ensure the best use of resources and maximum profitability by allocating resources during the proposal phase, tracking and managing all resources and project costs/revenues, accurately managing labor, inventory, and third-party services, and comparing project costs to estimates and budgets.