The Recipe for Success in Retail Hospitality

Discerning diners have their pick of where to eat. Whether it’s a quick serve (QSR) or a sit-down establishment, bars and restaurants certainly have their work cut out for them in attracting and retaining loyal customers.

In today’s hospitality industry, exceptional service, quality, and value are vital to success. But restaurateurs face mounting challenges in managing their food and labor costs, innovating menu items and service delivery, all while preserving their hard-earned reputations. 

“We now have a reliable system with far less manual data entry. There is now more time to focus on more important issues—it gives us the ability to run our business more efficiently, with better integration between Accounting and Operations.”

Carmine Noce Canali USA

Restaurant owners and operators face a seemingly limitless supply of competitors, rising food and labor costs, and constantly evolving customer preferences. As a result, more of them are recognizing the need for innovative technology solutions to address everything from meal customization and curbside pickups or food deliveries to the growing economic pressures on their bottom lines.

Connected Restaurant Operations for a Better Guest Experience

The days of pen and paper order taking and no-changes-allowed menus are long gone. ArcherPoint helps both QSR and fine dining restaurants alike usher in a new era of guest engagement with innovative, integrated technologies that connect the kitchen, floor staff, and patrons from a single platform.

Handle reservations with ease and enhance table management with graphical displays of occupied and open tables for hosting staff. Create an interactive, personalized experience by empowering patrons to create their food orders complete with customizations based on dietary restrictions or preferences right from their table with mobile POS systems, sent directly to the kitchen to help ensure order accuracy. And when it’s time to pay, bills can be split between patrons, the bar and dining sections, or even across different restaurant locations.

Every bit of operational data is connected directly with the corporate ERP right out of the box, providing a digital audit trail from the POS to the general ledger. Now, restaurant owners and operators have accurate, comprehensive insights into their daily operations to help modify in-store operations, inventory and order management processes, and other core activities to drive profitability while maintaining high levels of service quality.

Omnichannel Retail Hospitality Key Features

ArcherPoint is changing the restaurant game with integrated technologies to deliver unrivaled dining experiences.

Central management of recipes and meal deals

Ensure consistency and quality across shifts and locations with centrally stored products, recipes, and meal offers. Product data is stored centrally and available across the organization, providing convenient control over kitchen screens and POS terminals from a single portal.

Mobile ordering

Satisfy the demands of a tech-savvy and demanding clientele with customer mobile ordering online or in an app for hassle-free curbside pickup. Or use mobile ordering in-house with mobile POS terminals to take orders tableside and send them directly to the kitchen to eliminate frustrating and or potentially dangerous order mistakes due to miscommunication.

Comprehensive business management

Manage the backend business operations – sales reporting and analysis, reservation handling, inventory management, purchasing, and customer service — from a unified commerce platform. Analyze sales trends, margins, and purchase patterns to make data-driven decisions that increase ticket values, improve operational efficiency, and lower operating costs for greater profitability and sustainable growth.