Unified Supply Chain Data for Seamless Supply Chain Delivery

Getting the right parts to the right places at just the right time is a complex symphony of moving parts and pieces. Factor in a rapidly changing global supply environment, a worldwide pandemic that reshaped the face of business, and essential tasks like demand forecasting and supply planning have never been more challenging.

“Our systems have allowed us to mature as a company because of the processes and functions that are now available to us.”


Today’s companies that rely on a global network of supply chain partners and providers need more efficient and transparent solutions for optimizing demand and resource planning, managing inventory, and accurately accounting for time and materials to maximize productivity and profitability.

Agile, Transparent Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, built on the dynasty and powerful functionality of Dynamics NAV, delivers a comprehensive supply chain solution that combines the entire family of Microsoft apps into a single, flexible, and efficient platform. Business Central’s integrated data creates a real-time 360 degree perspective of the entire supply chain, enabling more accurate demand and materials forecasting, inventory planning, and pricing controls.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Supply Chain Features

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete, integrated, and cost-effective solution for connecting and optimizing every facet of a company’s global supply chain operations. 

Supply planning

Plan material requirements based on Business Central’s demand forecasts to time inventory replenishment based on current and future demand and availability.

Demand forecasting

Create accurate, full-featured demand forecasts segmented by item, plan requirements, and available inventory.

Inventory optimization

Get on-demand insight into potential sales and an overview of expected stock-outs. Leverage built-in AI capabilities with Microsoft Azure to generate reliable forecasts and replenishment plans.

Order planning

Precisely plan supply for all types of orders to provide accurate order shipment and delivery dates based on current and future availability, using both available-to-promise or capable-to-promise models.

Supply Chain management screenshot on laptop and tablet