Greater Visibility for Exceptional Control

Capital is the lifeblood of every enterprise. Effectively managing cash conversion cycles, working capital, and other crucial financial resources is imperative to remaining competitive, relevant, and profitable.
But the average finance team today still uses a mix of standalone accounting and financial management systems to perform their basic daily operations.

“Finding our new ERP was a fairly easy decision, as Business Central offers the ability to customize, from a reputable vendor, all at a reasonable cost.”

Blower-Dempsey Corporation

Companies often use dozens of different tools to handle everything from receivables and payables to managing payroll, invoicing, and forecasting — many of which operate in silos that create huge visibility gaps and lead to inaccurate or incomplete financial data. They make it nearly impossible to consistently make smart, data-driven decisions for and about the business and submit required financial reports for compliance according to stringent timelines.

Making the Complex Simple

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is reshaping financial management, providing corporate finance and accounting teams with robust, intelligent automation that streamlines and simplifies the most time-consuming and error-prone accounts payable and receivables tasks, helping you close and report quickly — and accurately.

Now, finance and accounting teams on-site or spread across global locations can quickly and easily gain the real-time financial insights and tailored reporting they need from a single solution. Consolidating finance and accounting data makes it easier to exert maximum control over essential business operations, using powerful solutions like customizable general ledgers, budgeting and account scheduling tools, and richly detailed cost accounting across the entire organization.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Features

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a robust ERP software integrated with Microsoft’s productivity, collaboration, and business intelligence tools to give you everything you need to grow your business. ArcherPoint delivers additional functionality required for supply chain, manufacturing operations, warehouse management, omnichannel retail, eCommerce, and more to give you exactly what you need to manage your business.

General ledger

Quickly and easily set up and manage sales tax, recurring journals, built-in or customizable reporting — all complying with GAAP, IFRS, and business best practices. Native integration with Power BI and Excel enables effortless viewing, editing, and reporting on data in use for maximum visibility, agility, and control.

Flexible, accurate budgeting

Get a complete, accurate, and richly detailed view of your financial operations with budget plans incorporated into your financial statements including, user-defined financial reports and the ability to import, export, and manipulate data in Excel for even more flexibility in budget preparation.

Multiple currency support

Confidently conduct business across borders and boundaries with robust support for multiple currencies on sales, bank transactions, purchases, and payments. Store currency details and adjust their values for unrealized gains and losses for accurate aging reports. 

Advanced cost accounting

Gain real-time, accurate insights into projected vs. actual budgets spanning operational, department, product, and project costs for a complete picture of the health of the business.

Financial Management screen shot on laptop and tablet