Cultivating Brand Loyalty and Lifelong Customers

Happy customers are profitable customers, but building loyalty takes time, patience, and a concerted effort to repeatedly deliver an exceptional customer experience. Retailers have historically offered some kind of loyalty program for their customers — punch cards, customer appreciation sales, or other simple promotions.

“The most important criteria in choosing a system is reliability. If your POS goes down, you risk lost sales and lost customers.”

Barry KozlowskiVice President Gallo Clothing

But true loyalty isn’t a matter of simply offering general discounts. It’s about personalizing interactions with customers, providing meaningful promotions for the products and services that they value most, and proactively engaging them across channels to remain top of mind. Most loyalty platforms offer little in the way of the high-powered data analytics and recommendations engines needed to build long-term brand loyalty resulting in ineffective promotions, static stock levels, and limited lifts in sales.

One-Size-Fits-One Tailored Programs and Promotions

Take the guesswork out of marketing and customer loyalty programs with a unified commerce solution. Built with best-of-breed business intelligence technologies, ArcherPoint helps retail marketing and sales teams deliver compelling customer promotions that drive sales and loyalty based on actual information, not gut instincts or educated guesses.

Tap into your POS transactions and historical sales data with artificial intelligence-powered analytics solutions to identify sales trends to capitalize on instantly or to precisely measure which promotional strategies have had and will continue to make the biggest impact on your stock levels and sales figures. Take advantage of recommendation engines that assess your customers’ buying behaviors and suggest complementary products across web, mobile, and in-store promotional platforms to improve take rates, increase revenues, and make your customers feel like you really know them.

Omnichannel Retail Loyalty & Promotions Key Features

Strengthen your customer relationships to boost loyalty and revenues.

Sales performance dashboards

Real-time access to key sales and financial data helps marketing, sales, and product teams understand customers’ buying patterns and preferences to devise promotions that will resonate and convert. Take a deep dive into the most successful historical campaigns for clues about future ones, prioritize promotions for overstocked or low sales velocity items, and plan promotions strategies by store, by region, or by special events and seasonality.

Personalized promotions and customer engagement

Craft targeted, personalized marketing campaigns and special offers promoting high-value, high-revenue products you already know your customers want and need, while accelerating cash conversion cycles and generating greater revenues. Leverage advanced recommendations tools to upsell, cross-sell, and right-sell products customers will love via personalized deals and promotions.

Adaptable loyalty and membership programs

Take customer loyalty programs to new levels of success by tailoring them to individual customers instead of relying on one-size-fits-all strategies. Analyze buying patterns and behaviors at the individual level to customize loyalty rewards ranging from product discounts and special offers to gift cards and targeted coupon programs to meet your customers where they are, with exactly what they want.