Project Management: A Make, Break or Accelerate Dynamic

Part art, part science, and part diplomatic dance, project management is in high demand and short supply in businesses today. Effective project planning and management can make the difference and even accelerate results in business. Poor project planning and management can lead to frustration, even failure.

The value of experienced, professional project management becomes abundantly clear when a business embarks on complex enterprise resource planning initiatives, such as a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment or an upgrade from NAV. ERP demands stakeholder input and alignment; communications and teamwork; detailed project planning and exacting management — all under the project management banner.

“ArcherPoint has a very sound Project Management methodology that works wonderfully.”

To succeed, project management teams must be versed in all the required tools and methods, sport the credentials, and leverage knowledge, experience, and confidence to achieve the prescribed business goals.

Project Management Focused on Right Resourcing, Right Solutions & Removing Obstacles

At ArcherPoint, our methodology and framework have multiple components, each grounded in solid plans balanced with adaptability and flexibility. We have developed a unique agile project management approach in which our experts go beyond active plan, resource, and technical development oversight. They flex, respond, and remove obstacles.

Agile project management services recognize that no matter how carefully constructed and detailed a plan may be, a team and project will likely encounter unanticipated events, altered requirements and scope, or additional deliverables during a project lifecycle. ArcherPoint project managers consistently steer through the chop. They rally resources and achieve results.

ArcherPoint Project Management Key Features

ArcherPoint has led the way for agile-driven ERP implementations. We pioneered a proven, responsive, and adaptable project management framework that completely reshaped how ERP-based projects are executed.

Agile project management framework

ArcherPoint’s agile project management methodology uses an iterative approach that involves your organization early in the process, and keeps you involved throughout the project. Unlike waterfall project management methods, our agile framework enables us to build, test, and deploy applications and infrastructure quickly, reliably, and with few errors.

Executive and project level communications plans

Because ERP installations involve and impact several business functions, ArcherPoint project managers devise and deliver communications plans and tactics for a smooth, consistent information flow to executives and team members that keeps everyone in the loop and up to date on the latest developments.

Expertise beyond Dynamics 365 Business Central

ArcherPoint project managers are Dynamics 365 Business Central experts with select systems integration partners to mix and match third-party tools that fit Business Central to minimize security risks, dramatically extend the ERP’s capabilities, and maximize business value.