Training and Development for Self-Service

There’s little value in new tools and technologies if your team can’t use them. And expansive platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that have nearly limitless features and capabilities can be particularly challenging to use without the right training and support.

“In our training, you simplified the concepts of the system and talked through things to help us understand it. Perfect!” 


However, many implementation partners leave their clients to their own devices once the new ERP is deployed or upgrades and extensions to the existing system are complete. Aside from minimal onboarding and handoff, the lack of formal training for everyday business users is a recipe for inefficient ad hoc workflows, failure to use the platform to its full potential, and underwhelming return on the investment.

Trained on Success

ArcherPoint believes an educated user base is essential to the success of any software implementation and systems deployment. Because your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or NAV system is tailored to your unique business needs, the training programs for your teams should be too.

Unlike typical “university style” training that employs a one-size-fits-all approach to learning, ArcherPoint training is end-user focused and caters directly to the needs of the various teams in your organization. Whether you’ve simply upgraded your Dynamics 365 environment or have deployed a brand new instance, our Dynamics 365 Business Central instructors will lead your teams through function- and role-based lessons directly within your actual Dynamics solution for hands-on learning that equips everyone in the organization to be fully self-sufficient and able to use the tools they need to be successful.

ArcherPoint Dynamics 365 Business Central Training Key Features

Environment-specific curriculum

Thorough training plans tailored exclusively to your deployment and the specific needs of your individual users is essential to increased adoption and proper use. ArcherPoint’s training services are tailored precisely to your environment, delivering relevant, high-value instruction to every business user that maximizes adoption, self-service, and ROI.

Continuous learning

Learning is never a one-and-done proposition. After system deployment, ArcherPoint training clients ongoing training following the learning plan from the ArcherPoint support team. This approach helps to ensure that business users keep their skills up to date and understand how to fully leverage the various add-ons and configured tools your company has deployed.

Live Training and self-paced support

Scheduled and hosted live training sessions — offered in-person and online — for in-depth, deeply topical training customized to your team’s particular needs and delivered by experienced instructors. Extend the value of your learning and gain ultimate flexibility without sacrificing training quality.