Virtually There

A lot of companies, ArcherPoint included, are allowing employees to work remotely. Webinars and other virtual events are more common than ever (nearly all ArcherPoint’s events are remote, and with employees throughout the country, remote communication is part of our culture). Today, both public and private high schools and colleges are offering online classes –… Continue reading Virtually There

6 More Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading NAV

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The Hidden Costs of NOT Upgrading NAV Obsolete Technology It gets harder and harder to bridge the gap between old technology and new technology the further upgrading is put off.Microsoft and Add-On Software vendors create upgrade tools that support upgrading from the current version to the new version. This is called an “Upgrade Path”. Sometimes,… Continue reading 6 More Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading NAV

Sales Tax Is No Laughing Matter – But It Has Its Moments

A colleague of mine from Avalara once asked me, “Did you ever hear the joke about sales tax compliance?” “No,” I replied. “That’s not surprising,” she said. “There isn’t one.” Anyone who has ever dealt with sales taxes can appreciate that few things in business are as dull, as complex, or as important as sales… Continue reading Sales Tax Is No Laughing Matter – But It Has Its Moments

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The Missing Step

I love Spring for many reasons – more daylight, warmer weather, holidays, and my poppies are starting to bloom, all of which all got me to thinking how everything in life has an order in which it happens, some natural and some imposed on nature by us, especially where business operations are concerned.  I was… Continue reading The Missing Step

Living an Agile Life

First, let me introduce myself. I’m the web developer for ArcherPoint. However, many moons before joining the ArcherPoint team, I was a developer and a project manager. My experience was based in good old-fashioned waterfall techniques…and dang it, they worked. They worked well. And I was comfortable with them. Yeah. Okay… there was that time… Continue reading Living an Agile Life