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A Healthier Future For Medifast with a Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

The Challenge

Medifast was at a crossroads: Microsoft no longer supported the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system they were using, Dynamics NAV 2009. They needed to upgrade their system without sacrificing any current functionality and could not afford any significant downtime.

"We wanted to take advantage of the upgraded user interface and the role tailored client," Judi Laudenklos, Application Support Manager stated. She continued, "We also [wanted to use] the upgrade to take the opportunity to shrink our database both through purging of old data and with the architectural data design changes for Dimensions. We needed to update and upgrade but could not afford to be out of commission during the process."

The Solution

Enter the ArcherPoint upgrade team. ArcherPoint has been Medifast’s NAV (formerly Navision) partner for several years and as such, is quite familiar with Medifast’s customized code and business objectives.

Ms. Laudenklos commented, "We appreciate the talent ArcherPoint hires and the commitment they make to their customers. That, coupled with the hundreds of upgrades that came before us, it was an easy decision."

The project kicked off 3rd quarter 2016 and went live in May 2017. The schedule was aggressive but the team was organized, dedicated, and determined. The key to the project’s success was the ability to set reasonable expectations on end users’ involvement, and the team’s ability to ensure all commitments were met, no excuses. Additionally, having top ERP talent on the Medifast team was immeasurably helpful.

The knowledge that ArcherPoint knew and understood Medifast’s software, business, company culture, and strategic goals, made for a strong team destined for success. Medifast was able to handle many of the issues identified during the testing phase internally. They used Rally as the project management tool to keep themselves organized and on task. With external factors under control, ArcherPoint was able to focus on the task at hand and able to deliver the high quality, comprehensive service Medifast has come to expect from ArcherPoint.

With enhanced speed, increased usability, and easier ability to scale are just the tip of the "benefit iceberg." Since implementing the upgrade, Medifast has enjoyed a great performance boost, at least a 25% increase. This is from reducing the data size and the restructuring of the dimensions and upgrading the hardware all simultaneously. The user interface is much more intuitive and user-friendly than the classic version. The ability to search is huge as well as column sorts. The tighter integration to office is also a great benefit.

What's Next?

What is next for Medifast? They will continue to tweak the software to streamline their processes and/or eliminate manual work where possible. The will continue to grow and expand their business thanks to a reliable, resourceful, and robust ERP.

ArcherPoint, a Microsoft certified Gold partner, has built a business around providing exceptional value to their partners. We specialize in helping companies grow revenue and increase margins through a variety of tools and services. Our team includes experts all over the world, specializing in ERP solution design, development, 24/7 support, and upgrades, in accounting, manufacturing, retail, distribution, and other key areas of business. With a commitment to quality service, and as an employee-owned company, we are dedicated and empowered to help our clients realize true business value by providing solutions that grow and adapt. For more information about how ArcherPoint can help your business, please visit

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