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Ride Designs

ArcherPoint Provides Ride Designs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Enhanced Manufacturing and ERP Functionality

The Situation

Since 1998, Ride Designs has been operating at an optimal level, providing clients with solutions and maintaining a stellar reputation. The company was using two different systems for financials and manufacturing, but because they were not integrated, the company was forced to do double entry. They needed an ERP solution that could handle the company’s size, growth, demand, and requirements for managing inventory, orders, and everything associated with a thriving manufacturing company.

Specific requirements that Ride Designs were looking for include:

  • MRP functionality
  • The ability to link to shipping provider systems like UPS and FedEx
  • Ease of use
  • Employee adaptability

After carefully considering both on-premises and SaaS solutions, Ride Designs determined a cloud solution was the best fit for their growth and IT strategy.   

The Solution

Ride Designs looked at major ERP systems, including NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and SAP Business One. Mahdy Ghane, Operations Manager, was a veteran of major, enterprise-wide software implementations and defined a selection process that included feedback from end users, while understanding the goals and requirements of the executive team. The formula was simple but effective and Dynamics 365 Business Central was the hands down favorite.

In addition to meeting the company’s requirements and getting high marks from end users, Business Central also offered integration with CPQ, a configure-price-quote add-on configurator from e-Con/Experlogix. Even more important to Ride than the software was the implementation partner. “We paid close attention to our personal experiences as we were sitting in demos and interacting with the partners,” said Kyle Bieganek, IT Manager. “As a part of our evaluation, we asked ourselves how the demos and interviews went on a more personal level.”

ArcherPoint’s consultative sales approach demonstrated the team’s high level of competency, knowledge, and expertise—giving insights into the capabilities and deliverables that could be expected from ArcherPoint’s team of analysts, consultants, project managers, and software developers. Ultimately, they had the best experience with ArcherPoint.

During the due diligence process, Ride Designs identified that ArcherPoint’s team was highly skilled and equipped with an in-house development team with years of experience with Business Central and other Microsoft products, and they specialized in helping companies in the manufacturing industry. ArcherPoint also received excellent end-user reviews. Along with implementing Business Central, ArcherPoint worked closely with Ride Designs to help them decide on complementary solutions for specific requirements.

The Results

By centralizing nearly everything within Business Central, the benefits were immediately evident:

  • Elimination of duplicate data entry for reduced errors in inventory and shipping.
  • Reduction in data entry time by 50 percent.
  • Faster onboarding of new customer service representatives with CPQ.
  • Elimination of manual processes, such as in the invoicing process. Increased effectiveness in manufacturing, inventory, and purchasing with MRP capabilities. Ride Designs expects to realize cost savings from the new system and overall integration. More importantly, the company will improve relationships with customers through improved order processing, service, and support. Ultimately, Dynamics 365 Business Central and the integration of critical business processes and data is already delivering results and will continue as the company’s backbone, supporting continued growth and support of customers for decades to come.

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