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John H Carter

ArcherPoint Improves Efficiencies for John H Carter with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Challenge

John H. Carter Company (JHC) is one of the largest manufacturer’s representatives and distributors of industrial equipment and services in the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and on the Florida Panhandle. Operating at eleven facilities, with more than 500 employees and 85 years of experience. JHC is the largest operation of its kind on the Central Gulf Coast.

The company’s success ultimately led to the need to change their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. While their existing system, developed in-house over 30 years ago, had served the company well for many years, the time for change was upon them. However, knowing that it was time to change, and actually making the change are two very different things. JHC had a difficult time in selecting a new ERP. They knew they needed an ERP that would support their highly specialized industry and would unlikely be able to find a solution they could use “out of the box.” They knew they needed an ERP that could be both flexible and steadfastly reliable.

The Solution

After extensive research, and considering other solutions including Microsoft Dynamics AX, IFS, SAP, and Oracle to name a few, JHC ultimately chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Dynamics NAV was selected primarily for its flexibility and open framework, which makes customizations easier and more cost efficient than other software solutions considered. They needed a solution for the products business, but also for their service business, and Dynamics NAV fit the bill for both. JHC also appreciated the easy integration with many of the other Microsoft tools they used such as Word and Excel.

Once Dynamics NAV became the obvious ERP choice for JHC, they set out looking for the best Microsoft partner. Initially, they were searching for a partner to help design and write specifications for the Dynamics NAV integration. After much research, John H. Carter discovered ArcherPoint. ArcherPoint had the experience and reputation to help JHC move to the next phase in the company's growth and development.

The Success

John H. Carter is an employee-owned company and as such takes pride in generating a strong return on investment for any project. Some of the key ROI highlights from working with ArcherPoint and implementing Dynamics NAV include:

  • Reduced the financial statement month close process by 46% from 15 days to 7 days
  • Produced real-time sales reporting
  • Implemented a "semi-paperless" environment
  • Allowed for ease of business integration from acquisitions and growth
  • Improved efficiencies and reduced user time required to complete transactions

The above are some of the significant highlights, but there are many more key benefits from the project in other areas such as service management, customer satisfaction, and the ability to plan and strategize for continued growth with confidence.

What's Next?

John H. Carter has been live with Dynamics NAV for over two years now and have seen tremendous growth in the business over the past year. They have successfully implemented and merged two large organizations into their business processes, which added over 100 employees. They easily and seamlessly migrated these businesses in their ERP solution with little interruption. JHC anticipates further advancement of the business as ArcherPoint and Microsoft Dynamics NAV have positioned the company for growth and ease of integration in the future

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