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ArcherPoint Helps Karhu Move Forward with Sana Commerce Implementation

The Situation

In an effort to streamline their e-Commerce operations across North America and Europe, Karhu recently chose the online portal and e-Commerce solution, Sana Commerce. Sana has a direct link to Karhu’s ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing their customers a fast and efficient way to submit new orders and their employees an efficient way to process them.

Karhu is an internationally recognized brand of running shoes founded in Helsinki, Sweden in the early 1900’s. Karhu’s success with many Olympic athletes and marathon runners over the years catapulted their product sales. The development of Fulcrum technology in more recent years distinguished Karhu from other brands, further expanding their sales market. Karhu running shoes include collections for men and women of various running styles and requirements.

Karhu has both retail and wholesale sales across North America and Europe and carries both the Karhu as well as the Craft Apparel brand. Karhu needed a simple web solution to a complex business environment, including the ability to process both B2C and B2B transactions with multiple currencies and in multiple languages and carry out operations across different countries.

When looking to Sana Commerce, they discovered that Sana could handle both their B2C and B2B needs. In addition, Sana was fully integrated with their Fashion-oriented ERP system, Microsoft NAV and Pebblestone Fashion. Setup within NAV was simple and fast; with a few clicks, entire product groups and specific styles can be seen or hidden within the web shops.

The Solution

Karhu’s B2B stores, which cover both North America and Europe, need the ability to feed the web shop-customer specific information, including pricing and currencies, to accurately process these orders. With Sana Commerce’s direct integration with NAV, all shops are fed with Karhu’s Customer specific information and requirements. Critical business logic is maintained in web order placement.

In addition to customer specific information, Sana Commerce delivers immediately inventory availability as well as customer account information. It creates a structured order entry process with a clear online overview of all products and their availability, which makes choosing the right product, color, and size easy for customers. Simple settings allow you to control how inventory availability is displayed, and the simple displays make business to business ordering fast.

With just a few clicks, tracking current and historical order information is also simple. The customer or sales rep can filter on open sales orders, shipments, invoices, and sales history on-line, to pull up exactly the information they need.

Karhu had previously invested in a web shop for their B2C business. Although their B2C shop was not integrated with their ERP system, the effort and expense of starting over with an integrated solution meant that it was not an option. When they looked to Sana Commerce for their B2B stores, they discovered that since the B2B shop integration was already in place, the extension for B2C was going to be relatively easy and efficient.

When other vendors seemed incapable of delivering a good interface between Magento and NAV, Sana Commerce stepped up to the plate and was able to tackle the project in a way that was cost effective for Karhu. Going forward, their current platform will be extending more and more and will continue to be supported by Sana.

Huub concludes: “The Magento case truly shows the value of Sana; the single Sana implementation now serves B2B shops for Karhu and Craft, meanwhile taking care of multiple B2C environments. We rely on the seamless integration with Dynamics NAV for all online business.”

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