Santa Maria Novella

Santa Maria Novella Historic Pharmacy Goes Omnichannel with ArcherPoint and LS Retail and Microsoft Dynamics

The Challenge

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella of America Corp, the American branch of the Italian Company, was in the process of re-acquiring and taking over operations of five stores in the US that were previously independently owned. Cosimo Fabroni, Chief Operating Officer of Santa Maria Novella, led the effort to find a software solution for these stores. Headquarters in Italy was using disparate systems for POS and back office.

Although this was adequate, Fabroni wanted an end-to-end solution to improve on areas such as inventory management in a multi-channel environment. He also wanted to be sure the system could meet the needs of a fast-growing company with a robust omni-channel retail network and international operations. For example, the system had to be able to report financial information back to the European head office, with different accounting processes in a different currency.

“It’s very important to have the same procedures in all our stores, so we decided to adopt the same system in all of our U.S. locations,” said Fabroni. “This is also important for managing production more efficiently, reducing errors and saving time and money.” The European stores were using LS One from LS Retail along with other various supporting systems. When Fabroni reached out to LS Retail, they recommended ArcherPoint, an LS Retail partner in the US.

The Solution

After assessing the requirements and current processes, the ArcherPoint team recommended that Fabroni consider replacing the existing ERP and other disparate systems with LS Nav. LS Nav leverages the ERP capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing a true, end-to-end solution that helps manage operations from the back office to the point of sale.

ArcherPoint helped design and implement a robust solution—with full omni-channel capabilities—built on LS NAV and integrated with market-leading third-party applications, including ChargeLogic and Lanham.

Remote Sales with Credit Card Processing and Automatic Picking/Shipping

From a mobile device, a sales rep at the customer site can view inventory in real time, place orders, and take a credit card payment for secure processing. The payment is automatically transferred along with the order into NAV. The warehouse is also automatically notified and the order is shipped. Orders can also be received on a mobile device.

eCommerce and PCI Compliance

The e-commerce site accepts payments and orders, which flow directly into NAV.

W​holesale Support

There is even functionality to support the wholesale arm of the US business.

ArcherPoint also coordinated the necessary connections between the company’s US headquarters in New York City and its headquarters in Italy. The system went live in four stores within thirty days, including setup and training. The fifth store was added a short time later.

The Result

Santa Maria Novella realized immediate returns on the investment. Customers can purchase in the store, online or via mobile device, providing a true omni-channel experience. Inventory management is more accurate and dependable, and field sales reps have the tools and data access to confidently make a sale from anywhere. In addition, company personnel have secure access to financials on the web: All data is just a click or two away. From the POS to the warehouse, one single system keeps processes moving fluidly and efficiently—with the added benefit of convenience for employees, allowing them to focus on customers rather than processes. The team Santa Maria Novella in Italy has been so pleased with the ArcherPoint solution that they are planning on implementing LS Nav in their European stores. ArcherPoint will be working with local LS Retail resellers in Europe on system design and implementation.

“Our aim is to implement LS Nav around the world, with each store following the same procedures and using the same database so we can successfully manage the exchange of information fundamental for the operations of a store, such as items update and sell-out data,” Fabroni said. “This is just the starting point of a collaboration that will grow.”

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