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ArcherPoint Helps Wolky Improve Customer Service Through Sana Commerce Implementation

The Situation

In an effort to streamline their sales order process for retailers, Wolky recently chose the online portal and E-Commerce solution Sana Commerce. Sana has a direct link to Wolky’s ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allowing their customers a fast and efficient way to submit new orders. Customers can see immediately what inventory is available, the ETA of incoming stock, and check the status of their orders.

Wolky is an international company that has been designing & distributing comfortable shoes for fashion conscious customers since the early 1980’s. By continuously developing innovative shoes, the Wolky collection today consists of more than 18 shoe lines per season. Their collections consist of all kinds of footwear from sandals, clogs, and high-heels to boots as well as a new men’s line.

”We wanted to enhance our customer service levels by providing immediate information to our sales representatives and our customers, the retailers, with a B2B site and selected Sana Commerce. Sana’s e-commerce is simple, easy to use and pulls direct information from our Microsoft Navision database providing instant information. This helps to answer questions on stock-on-hand, projected delivery time, and color availability on models.” -Rozanne Young, COO of Wolky North America.

The Solution

Wolky distributes footwear to retailers and needed a system that could provide retailers the ability to check, process orders after checking shoe styles (models) in multiple colors, sizes and materials. This was a driving force for Wolky to choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Pebblestone Fashion as their ERP system. Pebblestone provides a built in matrix structure for fashion companies and their products. Given that Sana Commerce has a connector to NAV and Pebblestone, selecting Sana for their e-Commerce solution was simple.

Pre-sales Order

Customers and Sales agents have the ability to submit their pre-season sales orders as early as the new collection is posted to the web portal. This not only gives customers the advantage of seeing the newest collection immediately, but also allows their order to be placed at the head of the line. The ability to enter a Requested Delivery Date is key to Presales submissions, and as easy as clicking on a calendar within the web shop at web order entry.

“The option to have pre-season ordering is key to gearing up our factories for material ordering and pre-packing. We set this up so that retailers can submit pre-season orders through the portal. Eventually we would like to use the portal to merchandise products for pre-season orders to help retailers enhance their ordering experience”, according to Rozanne.

Full NAV Integration with Easy Setup

Sana Commerce setup within Microsoft Dynamics NAV is simple and fast. With a few clicks entire product groups and specific styles can be seen or not seen within the web shop. “This is a great feature so that we can easily control what is offered to our retailers directly, and remove items if necessary. What’s great is we are a small team and we can readily update the information directly in Navision which directly links into the B2B site. Setup was very easy. Moving , adding, deleting information on the site was very easy. If you understand the setups in Navision, then setting up the e-commerce portal is just as simple.” –Rozanne

Accurate Order Details

Sana Commerce business to business site creates a structured order entry process for customers and sales agents. A clear online overview of all products and their availability makes choosing the right shoe, color and size easy. Wolky also has the need to maintain specific rules for US vs. Canadian orders. Through simple modifications to the starter web site, these rules were put in place, greatly increasing the accuracy of order information. This saves customer service the hassle of order changes.

“We requested that the prices associated with different types of orders be implemented upon order placement. Additionally, our Canadian dealers have a different price list. Sana was able to incorporate these differences we have for the different countries. Additionally we offer drop-shipments directly to the end-consumer which Sana was able to set up.” -Rozanne


Wolky had the need to display their web shop in French for their French Canadian customers. Lucky for them, Sana Commerce has the ability to display multiple languages out of the box. Now with a click of the mouse, those Canadian customers can find product information and place their orders in French.

“This is a great feature if dealing with different audiences. In specific regions of Canada, the sales reps had requested we print our literature in French. This really enhances our customer service for our non-English speaking customers”, according to Rozanne.

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