Simplify Reports using CSS

Could the power of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) simplify reporting in NAV? Reports have 2 elements, Data and Display. The display is the notoriously elusive, ever changing, and proprietary technology that literally drives developers nuts and costs customers lots of money. Developers have been using the same Data access tools for decades, virtually unchanged. CSS… Continue reading Simplify Reports using CSS

Catching the Chennai Express

I’ve been in Chennai now for three weeks and I conclude my trip tomorrow and start the 30 plus hour trek back home catching the Chennai Express both literally and figuratively.  I have been joined by a fellow member of our leadership team who will continue the work of recruiting, hiring, and training our newest… Continue reading Catching the Chennai Express

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Stockkeeping Units (SKUs) in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

We often get the question, “What are Stockkeeping Units (SKU’s) in Dynamics NAV and what are they used for?” First, we need to define what a Stockkeeping Unit is. Many people think the term Stockkeeping Unit was equivalent to the term “Item”. But if we look in the APICS dictionary, we find the following definition: An… Continue reading Stockkeeping Units (SKUs) in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

On your mark! Get set! Wait! You can’t start with the execution phase

At ArcherPoint, we use an agile approach to project management so we are able to deliver business value throughout the project life cycle. This is contrary to waterfall methodologies where you get the ‘big bang’ delivery of the project scope at the end – if you even make it there. A study done by McKinsey &… Continue reading On your mark! Get set! Wait! You can’t start with the execution phase