5 Reasons Why You Should Implement Barcode Scanning

5 Reasons Why You Should Implement Barcode Scanning

Controlling inventory costs requires having visibility and control over the inventory itself. Excel sheets and manual processes don’t cut it; you need technology to support those efforts. Barcoding is one such technology that will help you spend less time searching so you can focus on filling orders correctly and on time, optimizing inventory levels, and controlling costs. Here are 5 reasons why you should get barcode scanning now:

#1 Barcoding is Simple

You don’t need a Ph.D. to use inventory control software. You could have the misconception that an Excel spreadsheet is an easier route. Manually keying in each SKU number of hundreds of items a day is not easy. Easy is when your inventory items have a unique barcode label, information can be added to certain items in inventory and associated data can be recalled with one quick and simple scan. Inventory can be viewed in real time, anytime with one scan.

#2 Barcoding is Secure

What business doesn’t want to keep their items and their customers safe? Barcode technology prevents mistakes, which is not just an inconvenience to the end-user, but could be harmful. In addition, barcodes are traceable and fully auditable, promoting theft deterrence, peace of mind, and a demonstrable reduction in loss and liability.

#3 Barcoding is Cost Effective

Across many industries, barcodes offer automatic product identification, extremely fast recognition, and implementation of data. Scanning also lowers your overhead and cuts down on training time and labor, improving productivity. It will also lower the costs of capital for carrying excess inventory since knowing exactly what is in stock will help avoid ordering an abundance of anything. Inventory can significantly impact your taxes. When you report taxable income to the IRS, you’re allowed to deduct your inventory costs. By knowing the exact amount of inventory, without a doubt, will allow you to make deductions accurately.

#4 Barcoding Saves Time

When inventory in your warehouse is not organized with an automated system, your employees will spend too much time keying in or writing down inventory, as well as physical searching for items in the warehouse to ship.

#5 Barcoding Eliminates Errors

Handwriting or manually keying numbers can be a pain; barcoding is a breeze. For every 1,000 keystrokes made by a person, there are an average of 10 errors made. However, when using a barcode scanner, only one error is made for every 10 thousand scans. Errors in the front-end eventually mean shipment delays when employees have to search for items that may not be in stock or are misplaced. In addition, data mistakes can cause overspending when too much inventory is ordered.

ArcherPoint Can Help with Barcode Technology

You’re not alone in this effort. ArcherPoint’s team has expertise in warehouse management systems (WMS) and can help you with a plan and then get you up and running. Contact ArcherPoint to learn more about data collection in the warehouse and to discuss your goals.

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