ArcherPoint Dynamics Developer Digest - vol 134

ArcherPoint Dynamics Developer Digest - vol 134

The NAV community, including the ArcherPoint technical staff, is made up of developers, project managers, and consultants who are constantly communicating, with the common goal of sharing helpful information with one another to help customers be more successful.

As they run into issues and questions, find the answers, and make new discoveries, they post them on blogs, forums, social media…so everyone can benefit. We in Marketing watch these interactions and never cease to be amazed by the creativity, dedication, and brainpower we’re so fortunate to have in this community—so we thought, wouldn’t it be great to share this great information with everyone who might not have the time to check out the multitude of resources out there? So, the ArcherPoint Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Digest was born. Each week, we present a collection of thoughts and findings from NAV experts and devotees around the world. We hope these insights will benefit you, too.

The NAV Developer Blog is Back

Last month, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV blog announced that the NAV Developer blog is back in action as a place for Dynamics NAV “supporters” to share tips and tricks when working in a supporting role for the Dynamics NAV community.

Starting with the newest version of the NAV Diag tool from the Coffee Break team, and lists of NAV CU builds for supported versions, and a new Performance Tooling series, with the promise of much more to follow.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Cumulative Updates Available

Here’s a list of the latest CU’s available for Dynamics NAV:

Best Practices for Install and Configuration of MS SQL Server for Dynamics NAV

The documentation on Installation Considerations for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been updated with information on recommended settings for SQL Server 2012, 2014, and 2016.

The documentation contains recommendations on topics such as storage and recommended disk block size, virus scanning, memory, and much more.

Submitting Requests for Improvements to Dynamics NAV

Don’t forget about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Forum, where you can submit, comment, and keep track of questions and suggestions for improving NAV.

Dynamics NAV Certification Exams

The Association of Dynamics Professionals is in the process of splitting up the original NAV Install and Deployment Exam into two separate exams (Core Installation and Advanced Installation) partly to recognize the complexity of NAV installations and the direction of the product. Be on the lookout for more information from Dynamics Pro in the coming months.

Leadership Lines

HBR’s Great Teams Are About Personalities, Not Just Skills post dives into some of the key factors that are important to have cohesive teams. Going beyond what Google studies have shown regarding emotional intelligence and communication between team members, this article delves into the importance of personalities, role within the team, and of course, whether or not your core values are in alignment.

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