How Microsoft Office 365 Benefits Your Company

How Microsoft Office 365 Benefits Your Company

When you hear of Office 365, you probably think of these core Microsoft applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook…the basics. However, Office 365 has gone far beyond those core applications—and core activities—with the addition of Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and OneNote. Office 365 also includes advanced services such as Delve, Power BI, Sway, Planner, Stream, Forms, and Flow. With these additions, Office 365 becomes more powerful, providing a modern, enhanced user experience and collaboration in the work place. Here is a user experience example to help you become familiar with how Office 365 can benefit your organization:

Suzanne is the marketing manager at Gillz Electronics. She is constantly on the move, trying to keep her marketing campaign on track. With Office 365 Enterprise, she can manage everything across multiple devices while away from the office.

Let’s walk through how Suzanne uses Office 365 ProPlus to easily review and create content anywhere, enabling her to work naturally with anyone from anywhere.

Skype for Business:

Enhanced audio/video conferencing allows Suzanne to join company calls on the go from her iPhone, Surface Pen, and laptop. It also shows her presence to the rest of the company, so her team is aware of her availability. 

OneDrive Mobile:

Office Lens technology integrated into the OneDrive mobile app enables Suzanne to scan a whiteboard, document, or business card, which creates a PDF file that can then be uploaded into a OneDrive folder – a perfect way for Suzanne to keep track of receipts while traveling. Once the receipt has been uploaded, she can access and securely share it with others.

Outlook Mobile:

The new Outlook mobile apps – for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone – are powerful, easy to use tools. The Outlook app for mobile devices offers full desktop capabilities, enabling Suzanne to receive, send, and view attachments on the go.

One particularly useful feature is the Focused Inbox.  With the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Outlook can highlight the most important and most relevant emails from the rest of the noise that finds its way into her inbox. Suzanne can still access the rest of her emails in the Other Inbox. She gets up to date quickly on the status of her team’s campaign launch.

PowerPoint Mobile:

From her smartphone, Suzanne can review and edit her presentation on the go using the PowerPoint mobile app. If needed, she can easily add animations, transitions, charts, and speaker notes.

Edge Mobile:

Because Suzanne’s colleague asked for an update to this image, she will take care of this on the go by opening the Edge mobile app to search for just the right image. Her browser search is saved in OneDrive, so she can save the image now and reopen it later on her computer. Alternatively, she can simply share this with her computer, picking up exactly where she left off once she returns to her PC. Edge provides Suzanne with a continuous browsing experience, syncing files in the background, and allowing her to browse across devices without skipping a beat. Her most recently used documents, such as the marketing campaign presentation, also travel with her across all devices.

Window lnk: Intelligence in PowerPoint makes it easy to annotate slides with Windows Ink. Suzanne uses Ink to Shape and Ink to Text to make edits, capturing ideas and evolving existing ones, all with one touch. She can grab her Surface Pen and write directly on the slide…and voila! PowerPoint converts her handwriting to text.

This is a great way for Suzanne to work naturally, enabling her to focus less on tools and more on content. Once she has completed her edits to the marketing presentation, she pivots to the campaign overview document Greg asked her to review.

Ink Editor:

Ink Editor makes editing word documents easier and better than ever. Using the Surface pen, Suzanne can simply add text and strike through sentences to make them disappear, revolutionizing the way she works. Another option for Suzanne is to edit this document using Dictate.

While on the go, Suzanne maintained productivity with Office mobile apps, enabling her to upload receipts with OneDrive mobile, check her emails with Outlook mobile, and edit shared presentations with PowerPoint mobile. Windows Ink and Windows Dictate increased her productivity even further by allowing her to work smarter and choose how best to edit her documents.

Security & Compliance Center:

The best security capabilities are the ones the end user barely even notices. The organization is protected, and users don’t look for unsanctioned workarounds that seem clever but significantly increase risk. Here, Suzanne can get her work done with confidence that she is secure.

Let’s look at what the Admin would see. Office 365 Security & Compliance Center provides a rich view of–and control over–your tenant. You can easily see:

  • Data loss prevention policies and incidents
  • Inbound and outbound malware
  • URLs blocked by Safe Links plus message details/trace
  • ATP Safe Attachment incidents
  • Any malware caught in the tenant

These are all the capabilities that just helped Suzanne get her work done easily and securely.

Wherever she goes, Office 365 ProPlus gives Suzanne the right tools to work naturally and securely throughout her day, from anywhere, across multiple devices.

Learn more about Office 365, and contact ArcherPoint to discuss how it can help your organization become more efficient.

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