How to Set Optional Services in Lanham E-Ship

How to Set Optional Services in Lanham E-Ship

Options like Saturday Delivery and Signature Required are additional options that can be applied to a main Shipping Agent Service in Lanham’s E-Ship. However, the Shipping Agent Options are specific to the carrier, so FedEx options are different than those for UPS. This blog gives an example of how to set optional services for FedEx.

Optional Services can be set from a couple of places, but our recommendation is to set up separate E-Ship Agent Services and default the Options.

How to set up a FedEx Next Day Saturday Delivery

  • From Shipping Agent > E-Ship Agent Service, create a new E-Ship Agent service by copying the Existing FedEx Standard_Overnight to a new service like Standard_Overnight – Saturday (try to go with something shorter). The shipping indicator is the most important piece to ensure is the same/correct. The indicator identifies Overnight.
  • From Shipping Agent > E-Ship Agent Service, set Overnight as a default Option on the new Standard_Overnight – Saturday service by putting line focus on the new service and selecting Navigate > Carrier Defaults. Set the Saturday Delivery option on the Delivery Fast Tab.
  • If possible, also set other options like delivery signature.
  • To test this new setup, on a new or existing order, change the Shipping Agent to FedEx and the E-Ship Agent Service to the new Standard Overnight – Saturday.  Select Navigate > E-Ship > E-Ship Agent Options. The options you set as the default should be reflected here.

NOTE: You can also set these manually on the Order or Package without having to set up a new Service. 

If you have any questions about this or other processes within E-Ship, contact ArcherPoint.

For more step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific tasks in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, see our collection of How-To blogs.

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