Learning to Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central

Learning to Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central

Whether you are a company – or new to a company – that’s just implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP software, you’re probably wondering how to get up to speed quickly. Using these resources, you’ll become more effective and learn to take full advantage of this powerful ERP tool.

Training with a Partner

With the deployment options and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, training from a knowledgeable partner will afford an education that is most relevant to your company’s setup. Your Dynamics partner will best understand the business, add-ons deployed by your company, your industry, and special considerations used to set up Dynamics NAV upon implementation. This should be your go-to for targeted training.


Microsoft has a library of training videos, documentation, knowledge base, and more specific resources for end-users of their ERP products. CustomerSource is a learning portal offered to registered Dynamics users and is available 24/7 to enable you to self-support, self-educate, and to access hotfixes, news, and licensing information. For Dynamics NAV users, this is the link (login required) for Dynamics NAV CustomerSource.

Your company must be current on Dynamics ERP maintenance to have access to CustomerSource; your partner can initiate the email to give you access to the portal. You must have a Microsoft account: you can use your existing Microsoft Live account or create a new one. You will then need to associate your Microsoft account with your company’s Microsoft organizational account.

The CustomerSource learning portal for Dynamics users is a great way to self-direct your learning to gain knowledge of out-of-the-box functionality.

Dynamics NAV User Group and Dynamics BC User Group

User Groups provide a third option for learning about your company’s Dynamics ERP. An independent organization, Dynamic Communities Inc (DCI) has been home to thriving user group communities for all Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM, and ancillary products since 2006. NAVUG provides user education and training through online forums, webinars, chapter meetings, blogs, and conferences.

Memberships are paid annually and based on company size. This gives everyone in your company access to all the resources provided by DCI, other users, partner members, and Microsoft. Plus, your company will get discounted passes to user group conferences like NAVUG Focus and NAVUG Summit. Learn more about pricing for NAVUG memberships and more about what NAVUG has to offer its members.

Please note that while there is a free subscription service available, it does not provide the same levels of information and support. Testimonials from paying member users consistently bear out that the additional information, timely and efficient answers to your questions, networking opportunities, and saved money in consulting time make this well worth the fee. I highly recommend that your company join the Dynamics NAV User Group. If you are looking for training on Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central, contact ArcherPoint. If you’re already a NAVUG member, ArcherPoint looks forward to seeing you in Phoenix at NAVUG Summit 2018!

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