LS Retail Announces Changes to LS Central Loyalty Program and Services

LS Retail Announces Changes to LS Central Loyalty Program and Services

The ultimate dream for retailers—aside from having a very large, loyal customer base—is having the data you need to make important decisions all in one place. Having transactional data from your POS terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising, and accounting all available and tracked in a single, complete, user-friendly system sound pretty ideal, and if you have Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics Business Central, LS Retail has a solution that does just that.

More than 74,000 companies worldwide, including adidas, Pizza Hut, and IKEA, all agree that LS Retail is the gold standard in integrated, end-to-end solutions for retail, helping with the management of inventory and pricing, reduction of shrinkage, and more.

Changes to LS Central Loyalty

LS Retail has just announced the following changes that will impact LS Central Loyalty and underlying services:

  • New development of LS Central Loyalty Apps have been discontinued, as announced on September 6, 2018.
  • LS Central Loyalty features have been merged with the LS Central eCommerce Framework to provide a unified API for all customer facing applications (eCommerce or apps).
  • Moving forward, LS Retail will provide access for all external apps through the LS Central eCommerce API and provides the source code of their Loyalty app as a base on which partners and merchants can build their apps:
  • The source code of the LS Central eCommerce API has been released, allowing partners and merchants to fully customize the included feature set.
  • Existing licenses for LS Central Loyalty will be changed to licenses for the LS Central eCommerce Framework, keeping the PLP.
  • All offers for LS Central Loyalty remain valid but apply to the LS Central eCommerce Framework at the originally quoted price.

Vertical Industry and Cross-Industry Solutions

LS Retail solutions are available for a wide range of industries, designed to improve management control through better visibility and agility, streamlined processes, enhanced customer service, and increased ROI. Solutions are available for:

LS Retail also offers functionality that can be used across all retail vertical industries:

Talk to the experts at ArcherPoint Retail about how LS Retail can help your company manage its retail, inventory, and POS systems, or visit the ArcherPoint Retail website to learn more.

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