Meltwich uses Outlook and SharePoint to connect with fast-growing chain

Meltwich uses Outlook and SharePoint to connect with fast-growing chain

When you hear a name like “Meltwich”, you know it’s going to be good. The fast-casual restaurant chain, which was launched seven years ago by restaurant veteran Tom Mavrou, has the tagline, “Taking over the world, one melt at a time” boldly emblazoned across the home page—and it appears they mean it. With 20 locations across Canada doing a booming business in both urban and suburban markets and 40 more coming soon, the Meltwich concept is a clear winner.

Let’s face it, though; how could you go wrong with a menu of ridiculously mouth-watering combinations, all between two (or more) pieces of buttered, grilled bread and mounds of cheese? The answer: If you don’t know how to run a business, it doesn’t matter how good your food is.

But Meltwich Food Co has been very smart, making great food with plenty of options for all tastes (including vegan and keto), and offering it in fun, trendy fast-casual restaurants that are actually enjoyable to dine in, but structured for efficiency and convenience (including being light-years ahead of other businesses with an already successful delivery concept, long before the coronavirus hit). 

In short, Meltwich does it right in both the front and back of the house—as well as the back office.

Achieving the goal to reach world domination through melted cheese could not be achieved without a very good handle on technology, which the Meltwich gang also possesses. They capitalize on the latest technology for everything that makes sense—which is why the company manages a large and growing chain, spread across thousands of miles, with only nine employees…and the plan is to cover 100 stores with only 15. 

The one area that could benefit from better technology was a critical one: HQ was getting all requests for assets—documents and images for onboarding, marketing materials, photos, posters, uniforms, etc. —from each restaurant location and was depending on email and printing/mailing to get those assets in to them without interrupting or slowing their ability to do business. It wasn’t working well.

After considering Google Sheets, the Meltwich team chose Microsoft SharePoint for file sharing and Outlook (Microsoft 365) for email—and they chose ArcherPoint as their implementation partner because, as Mavrou put it, “[They] did not try to oversell us like others did…which made us trust ArcherPoint.”

A fast, painless implementation resulted in instant results and big cost savings: easy access to assets on SharePoint, fast communication through Outlook, administrative resources and tools instantly available. ​

​But that’s just the beginning. Read the Meltwich case study to learn what else Mavrou and team have planned—and how Microsoft will play a big part. Will these plans ultimately result in opening locations in the U.S.? We sure hope so.

Be sure to read more customer success stories; then let’s talk about how ArcherPoint can help you dominate your market.

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