Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 2021 Wave 1 Version 18 Guide to New Features

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 2021 Wave 1 Version 18 Guide to New Features

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central 2021 release wave 1 (aka BC 18) was released in April. In a previous blog, we discussed our 7 top new features. In this blog, we provide a quick guide to more of the new application features it offers:

Dimension Updates

  • You can now update Dimensions on posted General Ledger Entries. The changes are tracked, and comments as to why the changes were made can be entered. Note: Dimensions are not changed on the related Posted Documents.
  • For Dimension Code Mandatory, you are no longer limited to one allowed Dimension Code. You can define a list of allowed Dimension Codes.
  • The Shortcut Dimension columns have been added to 20 Ledger Entry tables. Showing these columns will make our export/analysis in Excel a lot easier!

Improved Bank Reconciliation

  • Use a Setup Wizard to simplify the creation of Data Exchange Definitions for imported Bank statements.
  • You can now cancel and redo Bank Reconciliations. You can also change the Statement No. on the cancelled Bank Reconciliation, so you can reuse that number for the new Bank Reconciliation.
  • For Bank Reconciliations done by Auto-Match, you now have the Posted Statement report that you always had on the traditional Bank Reconciliation.
  • You can apply Employee Ledger Entries in the Payment Reconciliation Journal.

Adjusting Inventory by Creating Receipts or Shipments

As an alternative to the Item Journal, you can create Inventory Receipts or Inventory Shipments to adjust inventory. Posted Inventory Shipments and Posted Inventory Receipts provide a record of the transaction and can be printed.

Using Variant Codes on Production Orders

You can now use Variant Codes on Production Orders to define which Item Variant to produce.

New Setup Option Allows Editing of Active Prices

Previously, you could not edit Prices on active Price Lists. With a new set up option, “Allow Editing Active Price”, on Sales & Receivables Setup and Purchase & Payable Setup, you can edit Prices on active Price Lists (this feature is planned to be available in May 2021).

Defining Production BOM & Routings on Stockkeeping Units

Production BOM and Routings can now be defined on Stockkeeping Units. Note: they are not considered by the planning engine; the Planning Worksheet will use the BOM/Routings from the Item.

Microsoft Word Merge from BC

Using the traditional Mail Merge functionality in Microsoft Word, you can pull a list of recipients directly from Business Central.

Printing Updates

  • Cloud Printing – Define cloud-enabled printers in Business Central, then print documents or reports anywhere from any device. This includes printing from any device that has the Business Central App installed on it.
  • You can change the assigned printer before printing.

Improved Email (rolled out gradually over versions 18.0 and 18.1)

  • Email attachments can be stored as media.
  • Support has been added for large attachments (greater than 3MB).
  • Support has been added for OAuth2 for SMTP (this is the preferred way of authenticating).
  • Sent emails will now be linked to source documents in Business Central. You will be able to search for “Sent Emails” to see a list of emails that have been sent. A function, “Show Source”, will be added to view the Source Document that the email is linked to in Business Central.
  • Currently, only the user who sent the email can view it. Enhanced “read” permission control will be added, so that other users can see the sent emails (18.1 rollout).
  • Attachments can be forwarded directly from the Source Document in Business Central, as opposed to having to save them to the desktop first. (18.1 rollout).

Microsoft Teams Enhancements

You can search for Customer/Vendor information in Business Central directly from Teams.

Take Advantage of Business Central 18: Upgrade Today!

In future blogs we’ll take a deeper dive into some of these new features in Business Central 18. In the meantime, check out the Business Central 2021 release wave 1 page for more details. 

If you haven’t upgraded to Business Central yet, now is the time! For a personalized look at the latest release, contact the Business Central experts at ArcherPoint.

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