Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Azure

For the last several years we have been watching and waiting for the price of Azure offerings to hit a point where it would be easy to explain to our clients why buying hardware just doesn’t make sense any more. That time is now.

Dynamics NAV and Azure

For anyone running Dynamics NAV prior to NAV 2016 you can license a SQL Server Azure VM with SQL for $495 a month. For anyone running Dynamics NAV 2016 or NAV 2017 you can license a Windows Azure VM and Azure SQL for $273 a month. With Azure SQL you also get geo-redundant backups and point in time restore to any restore point within the last 35 days included in the price. This geo-redundant capability is a huge advantage, as most smaller companies cannot normally afford or even consider geo-redundancy, however, with Azure it is included in the price.

Every client that has compared their current server and licensing costs to a comparable Azure deployment has been shocked at how much less Azure costs.  The additional redundancy and real time restore make the Azure value proposition what I like to call a “no brainer.”

We also have more clients that are exploring Azure for their corporate backup strategy. A terabyte of storage on Azure only costs $24 per month. In addition to the Azure Storage we use a backup appliance from Barracuda that backs up all of our critical corporate data to Azure.

If you are interested in learning more about how much you can gain from moving to Azure, we would love to talk with you.  Please contact ArcherPoint to learn more.

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