Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central On Premises-A Paradigm Shift that Makes the Case for an Upgrade

Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central On Premises-A Paradigm Shift that Makes the Case for an Upgrade

As we all know, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now Business Central on premises, so now, Dynamics 365 Business Central comes in either a cloud version (multi-tenant) or an on-premises version (the next version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018).

A set of applications that have been revolutionizing how most organizations are doing business, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is designed to integrate business processes that allow quick decision-making and customer engagement in real time – backed by legitimate data. Business Central covers every element of a business process from sales, marketing and service to operations and finance, but is available only through Microsoft partner programs.

In a nutshell, the major benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central encompass:

  • Exceptional autonomy and flexibility
  • Built-in intelligent business apps
  • Better compliance
  • Tighter integration with Office 365

Business Central, in essence, represents a paradigm shift that cannot be ignored. It is an example of where technology is heading—and that means Dynamics NAV users need to start thinking about upgrading NOW.

The Benefits of Upgrading to Business Central

So, let’s talk about upgrading to Business Central from NAV. As with any upgrade, it can be a process, but does not have to be painful…and it is well worth the effort. In addition to being able to take advantage of new features offered in the latest version of the product, you gain other big benefits by upgrading to Business Central—and ArcherPoint makes it easier:

  • ArcherPoint provides free upgrade quotes so you can budget appropriately
  • Our upgrade subscriptions make it simple and affordable:
    • Pay monthly versus a large sum at the time of the upgrade, converting upgrade expenses from a capital expenditure to an operating expense.
    • We will Event customizations as needed, with all customizations Evented by the end of the subscription plan (a 3-year term).
    • We offer a fixed fee.
  • When you decide to move to the cloud, your upgrade to Business Central SaaS will be the last upgrade you will ever need. However, before you make that move, you must upgrade to Business Central on premises. But, because we offered a fixed fee, you can upgrade when you want, add cumulative upgrades when you want, upgrade add-on solutions at any time—and it’s all included.  We take the risk of Microsoft technology changes out of the equation; we will upgrade you regardless of the changes.

Our goal is to make upgrading—even from Dynamics NAV to Business Central—a non-event, yet enabling you to stay current on NAV from now on, without the typical disruption you had been accustomed to in the past when upgrading.

Are you ready to make the move to Business Central? Have questions or concerns? Register for our upcoming webinar: New Upgrade Choices: Aligning Your Strategy with Microsoft.

Contact the upgrade experts at ArcherPoint, or request information to get your free upgrade quote.

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