Microsoft Dynamics NAV Quick Tip: Become Speedier with Calculations

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Quick Tip: Become Speedier with Calculations

You may not know that you can perform calculations in a numeric field inside of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Doing the math inside the cells will save you time, rather than having to go to Microsoft Excel or using a calculator.

Note you are not able to use parentheses (), as Dynamics NAV only works with basic signs and decimals. If you need to do a more complex calculation, you will need to simplify the algebraic equation and then enter each one in steps in the cells, as shown below.

Examples of calculations Dynamics NAV can perform:

  • 2+2
    • Results = 4
  • 500.95-40.50
    • Results = 460.45
  • 5*2
    • Results = 10
  • 6/2
    • Results = 3
  • 10+30/2
    • Results = 25
    • Be careful with this one

Example of a calculation Dynamics NAV cannot perform:

  • (10+30)/2 = 20

How to enter complex equations into Dynamics NAV to receive the proper output:

  • Enter 10+30 into the cells, resulting in 40
  • Enter 40/2, resulting in 20

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