National Customer Service Week: A Reminder for All Businesses to Have a Customer/Client-First Focus

National Customer Service Week: A Reminder for All Businesses to Have a Customer/Client-First Focus

If you’re in retail or another customer-facing industry, you might know about National Customer Service Week, October 4-8, 2021. If you’re not in those industries, this might be new to you and might not seem relevant, but it is. In a time when everything has changed, including customer preferences and demands and the level of competition, everyone needs to remember how important customer service is.

Why a National Customer Service Week Has Existed for 30 Years

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all learned the importance of good customer service. At a time when fear and anger were at their height, it was tough to be in that position, but those professionals who kept their focus on serving the customer helped us get through it.

It’s no wonder, then, that National Customer Service Week was established and proclaimed as an official event by Congress via Presidential Proclamation 30 years ago and has since become an international event. PACE, the organization that established the event, says it best: “We recognize and appreciate the significance that customer service has in any organization.”

Now More Than Ever, Every Business—in Every Industry—Must Keep the Focus on Good Customer Service

PACE and service leaders meet each year to determine a theme for National Customer Service Week. This year’s theme is fitting, considering what we’ve been through: Celebrating the Heart of Service.

According to PACE: “Customer-facing personnel play a vital role in developing loyal, satisfied customers. Customer service professionals who work with H.E.A.R.T. create positive experiences for customers by: Helping others | Exceeding expectations | Achieving goals | Responding with care | Thriving through teamwork.”

This brings to mind something the beloved (Mister) Fred Rogers, who was known for promoting “heart” in everything he did, said during a Television Academy Foundation interview about the creation of one of my childhood heroes, Daniel Tiger. He was talking about the importance of helpers—not only having them, of course—but being reminded they’re around. He said that, when covering a tragedy or disaster, the media should always include footage of first responders, the Red Cross, and other helpers, “…because, if you look for the helpers, you’ll know that there’s hope.”

Helpers, including those who are in customer service roles, send a positive message. They tell your customers, “We care.” That goes a long way even during the good times—and it’s a veritable lifeline during the tough times…or when someone is having a tough time. And let’s face it: If your customers are reaching out for customer service, they’re having some sort of tough time.

How ArcherPoint is Keeping the Customer Front and Center…and How We Can Help You

Businesses across industries are reinvesting in their organizations in a number of ways, retooling and rethinking strategies and processes. ArcherPoint is helping through technology solutions and services—and we believe what we do helps our customers address challenges and goals that ultimately lead to a better customer experience. After all, we understand (because we’re a business, too) that everything they do has an impact on the customer experience and what their customer service teams must deal with. Our goal is for those teams to be happy with where they work…because their customers are happy. But we’re also committed to providing excellent customer service to our clients. One of our guiding principles is keeping a client-first focus, “Delighting Clients with Amazing Work.”

What is your company doing to improve or maintain excellent customer service? What is getting in the way of that goal? Let ArcherPoint help. Our certified, experienced professionals will collaborate with you to design, implement, and support a solution that meets your unique requirements. Contact us today.

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