Power BI in Brief – December 2019

Power BI in Brief – December 2019

Every month, we gather the top headlines in the world of Power BI to keep you informed, educated, and ready to take advantage of its evolution. If you have questions or would like to learn more about what Power BI can do for you, contact the Power BI experts at ArcherPoint.

Using Power Automate to Refresh Your Power BI Dataset

A new Refresh to a dataset action in the Power BI connector for Power Automate lets you trigger refreshes for datasets in Power BI based on hundreds of Automate triggers. Learn more about using Power Automate to refresh your dataset.

Preview of On-premises Data Gateway Management via PowerShell

A public preview of PowerShell cmdlets is now available. These cmdiets help with automation and management of tasks for Power BI data sources and On-premises gateways. They’re available in the PowerShell Gallery. Read more about PowerShell cmdlets.

Preview of Power BI Lineage View

To build a report, it’s important to understand how data flows from source to destination. To help with visualizing this flow, a public preview of lineage view is now available, encompassing the flow of all Power BI workspace artifacts, including dataflows, datasets, reports, and dashboards, as well as their connections to external data sources. Check out the Power BI lineage view.

Automated Machine Learning General Availability

Automated Machine Learning (Auto ML) in Power BI is now generally available, allowing business analysts who don’t have a strong background in machine learning to build ML models to address challenges that previously required the skills of a data scientist. Most of this data science is automated by Power BI, while still providing visibility into the process used to create your ML model—which provides you with complete insight. Learn more about Auto ML.

Preview of Data Protection Capabilities

As Power BI deployments grow, it becomes more important to reduce the risk of data leakage. To help, Microsoft has released a public preview of data protection capabilities for Power BI. You can classify and label sensitive Power BI data using familiar Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels that are used in Office, enforce governance policies (even when Power BI content is exported to Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF), and more. These capabilities are also applicable to Power BI mobile apps. Learn more about data protection capabilities.

Preview of Embedding Paginated Reports in Applications

A public preview of embedding paginated reports is now available. This feature enables ISVs and developers to embed high-quality reports in their applications using Power BI APIs. Check out the preview of embedding paginated reports.

Updates to Power BI Mobile Apps

The Power BI mobile apps have been updated, including Android support for remote configuration of Report Server access settings and cross-report drill through.

Where to Go for Roadmap Updates

The Power BI section in the Business Application Release Notes—updated weekly—contain details, screenshots, new announcements, and shipping dates on what’s coming within the next three to six months. Read about the latest updates.

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