Sorry Prince: It’s Not You, It’s ArcherPoint

Sorry Prince: It’s Not You, It’s ArcherPoint

It did not seem that long ago that I discovered the small neighboring town of Chanhassen, MN. Home to the legendary Purple Rain artist, Prince, the suburb has a lot to offer. However, my reason for heading to Chanhassen wasn’t Prince. It was something (much) cooler… ArcherPoint’s intern program! After my first of many long commutes, I pulled up to the office that would soon become my second home for the summer.

Immediately I was impressed at how much time the company was investing in the intern program. Some of ArcherPoint’s best and brightest employees (of which there are many) spent three weeks of their time training us on everything from consulting methods, to development in Dynamics NAV. It is amazing how much we learned during this “boot camp.”

Even more incredible was how much we accomplished during the summer. While I was in marketing, many of my fellow development interns impressed me with the projects they were working on. They were not fetching coffee. Instead, they were working with clients on real Dynamics NAV projects bringing value to their businesses. That is not something you see with most intern programs.

As a marketing intern, I got to dive deep into ArcherPoint’s culture and see the real ArcherPoint. My honest assessment? The company is dedicated to fostering an environment that values its employees. My opinions and ideas – even as a college student – have always been respected. Over the course of the past year, I have had the opportunity to come up with new ideas and then lead the execution on them. The level of autonomy I have had in my work has been truly rewarding.

Everyone I have met here is incredibly supportive and I’ve had so much fun doing what is supposed to be called “work.” While it may sound cheesy, I have grown substantially from my time here at ArcherPoint and I am incredibly thankful to everyone here.

Now, I could not end this blog without telling you about the next summer intern program. You have the opportunity to hire an ArcherPoint intern for one of your business projects. This is a fantastic chance for the interns to contribute real results to your business while learning valuable skills. All work is supervised and quality checked by a senior ArcherPoint employee.

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