SuiteEngine RPM Comparing Cloud and On-Premises Options

SuiteEngine RPM Comparing Cloud and On-Premises Options

SuiteEngine RPM (Rental Process Management) is a comprehensive ERP software solution designed specifically to address the unique business challenges of the rental, sales and service industry. While the software can be run on premises or in the cloud with similar functionality, there are inherent differences.

The primary differentiators are in cost, data management, and infrastructure.


In the cloud, RPM offers predictable costs and a lower up-front investment as it is priced on a monthly basis. However, over time the total cost of ownership can be higher than an on-premises solution.

Conversely, on-premises RPM requires a higher upfront investment with the purchase of RPM and the hardware required to run it. Typically though, an on-premises version of RPM has a lower cost over time.


When your data is hosted in the cloud, you have a certain level of security; there is potentially better security from the cloud server than your own network.

Meanwhile, for an on-premises RPM solution you have greater control of your data as it hosted on your network. This may be good if you have confidence in your network/organization’s ability to keep your data secure.


As far as infrastructure goes, having cloud-based RPM has several benefits including the ease and speed of implementation. Having cloud-based software means no need to manage your own IT infrastructure. The only downside in there is less option for customization.

On premises RPM gives you greater ability to customize your system. However, implementation can take longer. Additionally, you will need to manage your own hardware with on-premises RPM.

From organizing, tracking, and optimizing your rental fleet inventory to flexible billing options, SuiteEngine RPM has everything you need to help you run your company efficiently, productively, and profitably. However, selecting the RPM solution that will work best for your company – be it in the cloud or on-premises – can make a substantial difference in your bottom line and the key to long-term success.

For more information on determining what type of RPM is right for your business needs, and more, please contact ArcherPoint today for a free phone evaluation.

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