Top Three Tech Trends for 2016

Top Three Tech Trends for 2016

Is your company a “Progressive” SMB (small to medium sized business)? If you’re a business with 1 to 1,000 employees, you’ll want to check out SMB Group’s latest research to see where your company stacks up.

The report highlights the top three tech trends for companies categorized as SMBs:

SMBs That Make the Business-Technology Performance Connection Outpace Their Peers.

We’ve been hearing about this for several years now. “Progressive” SMBs that view technology as a way to help them significantly improve business outcomes, actually do. They invest more, and are more aggressively adopting technology along the lines of cloud, integration and analytics. This connection helps them perform better than their competitors that don’t.

Mobile Solutions Occupy a Bigger Part of SMB IT Real Estate.

The majority of small- and medium-sized businesses see mobile solutions as operationally critical. Most use cloud collaboration tools, and they are deploying external websites and apps to attract, retain, and respond to customers quickly. The report notes that the top reasons for cloud adoption are that these apps are more cost effective, more flexible, easier to deploy, and have the ability to improve business agility over their on premise counterparts.

Security Remains the Elephant in the SMB Room.

With corporate data living in more places, the risk of data loss and leakage increases. The report shows that both small and medium businesses rank security as the second most pressing tech challenge. This is probably because currently they are taking an outdated, 1990s era approach to security. Consider adopting a more holistic, end-to-end, risk and rules based approach to security solutions. Consider both accidental and malicious causes when formulating your strategy and plans to address this increasingly important aspect of IT.

Visit SMB Group’s website to learn more about their market research.

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