User Group Summit 2019 Reflections

User Group Summit 2019 Reflections

When I was first asked to do a session on “Everything Decision Makers Need to Know About Upgrading to Business Central” at this year’s User Group Summit, my goal was to plant an idea in the attendees’ heads, both users and partners, that will change the way they think about upgrades forever. In retrospect, I think I did that to the standing room only, 60+ attendees.

Microsoft Business Central is where every customer in the Dynamics NAV community needs to be ASAP. And the NAV community is huge. My research shows that, of the total sum of all NAV, Navision, and Business Central customers, Business Central makes up less than 10% of the whole. 90% of the remaining customers make up the upgrade market.

In this chair in the air, heading home from Summit 2019 Orlando, so many epiphanies are firing in my brain. The main message that all partners should be very clear on, is that upgrades are going away. Yes! As a partner, ArcherPoint’s strategy is to project a future of obsolescence. It’s inevitable. So, you may be thinking, “Wow, our upgrade revenue stream will dissipate”. But, remember, 90% of the market still needs to upgrade. And, this upgrade is different than any other upgrade in the past. You could say to customers that their upgrade to D365BC is the last upgrade they will ever need, but it’s not that simple. 

Getting to BC is not just an upgrade. The ArcherPoint upgrade team has discovered that it’s a journey into an entirely new product, at least technically. While it may seem to the customer that BC is just NAV on a web client, backstage it’s a complete digital transformation of data and technology. This is what will allow for risk-free and simple deployments of change. The future upgrades will be “updates”.

So, the ability to quantify the path to the future is a big deal. That’s how ArcherPoint Upgrades can offer a fixed-fee subscription model which is the best vehicle for our customers for this journey into the future. ArcherPoint can clearly show the customer what their path will cost and how long it will take. Once they get current, staying current is 99% easier.

Finally, BC offers partners a safe, agile playing field of infinite potential. Let’s upgrade our community so our customers can get on with more important business.

Free Upgrade Quotes for All

Whether you are a partner or a user, take advantage of the ArcherPoint free upgrade quote for your fixed-fee, take-it-to-the-budget quote to upgrade from Navision or Dynamics NAV to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Stay tuned for Jon’s next blog, Upgrade Impossible.

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