Winning Manufacturers: What Are They Doing That You Are Not? (Part 2)

Winning Manufacturers: What Are They Doing That You Are Not? (Part 2)

In our last blog post, we addressed three prime examples of manufacturers who are winning the race by implementing some innovative automation and integration techniques. Here are three more from our eBook:

  • Mobile Accessibility – As with many long-established companies, an auto parts manufacturer was getting by with an aging accounting solution, homegrown Materials Resource Planning (MRP) and logistics software – all stand alone with no data integration. Without visibility into when raw materials were due in, the production schedule was constantly changing, leading to unnecessary downtime and expensive overtime. Sales people couldn’t answer customer delivery questions with any degree of certainty. Through a fully integrated ERP system implementation, employees now use one easy-to-understand system to track all related data as items flow through the supply chain. Sales people can access inventory and shipping information from their mobile phones to estimate delivery dates while they are in the office with the customer.
  • Integrated Order Entry System – As a medical instrument company was preparing to acquire another manufacturer, they knew they would have to handle a 50% increase in sales order volume. Reviewing their processes, they found that order entry was currently taking twice as long as the industry standard. To answer customer questions about order history, inventory, and ship times, reps had to access three different systems, sometimes having as many as nine screens open at one time. Through an ERP system that integrated the order entry system with data across the supply chain, the sales people were able to complete most orders from one screen with extra details available through drill downs. The company was able to handle the additional orders after the acquisition with no increase in sales staff.
  • Proactive Programming Approach – A small kitchen appliance manufacturer had supplied a big box chain with products for more than a decade. Through a close relationship with the chain’s buyer, the manufacturer heard that another vendor was being considered for an exclusive supply contract. Taking a bold, proactive approach, the manufacturer offered a new program to provide weekly reports to the chain purchasing manager for inventory on-hand, inventory turns, and average inventory for each location. In addition, the manufacturer would provide quarterly promotions based on the chain’s forecast sales. The big box chain responded to the manufacturer with an exclusive contract deal.

From these examples, we hope you can pinpoint a few areas that may need some work at your manufacturing organization. Integrated ERP can help with various issues for manufacturers and we have the customer case study examples to prove it. If you’d like to discuss how we can help your company find innovative ways like these companies have, contact us at ArcherPoint. Also, if you haven’t yet, please feel free to download our manufacturing eBook today.

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